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How to Strengthen Your Vendor Risk Management Strategy Through Automation

To reduce third-party cyber risk and protect company data as it leaves the corporate network, organizations need processes and solutions that leverage automation, allowing security and risk managers to focus on the most imminent risks. STEPHEN BOYER, CTO of BitSight, explains how organizations can incorporate automation to develop more mature vendor risk management programs.

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Large Telecommunications Company Leverages Bitsight Security Ratings to Report Security Effectiveness to the Board of Directors

BitSight Security Ratings for Benchmarking & Forensics delivers independent, data-driven analysis of any organization's security effectiveness. Unlike time-consuming and expensive network scans or penetration tests, BitSight's SaaS offering continuously analyzes, rates, and observes companies' security postures, all from outside the network.

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Reporting Cybersecurity to the Board

In this guide, we'll arm you with information to help you before, during, and after your next board presentation. Along with giving you best practices on objectives and presentation style, we'll explain how to select and discuss cybersecurity metrics. Whether you're a CISO, a member of a security team, an advisor, or a board member yourself, this information is critical to your company's sustained security posture.

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Reputation Matters: Why Reputational Risk Management Is So Critical For Your Organization

This guide will explore why reputational risk management is critical and how monitoring security performance can be a powerful tool in protecting the interest of employees, customers, and investors.

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The Buck Stops Where?

For years, the Finance industry has been a trailblazer in managing the risk posed by vendors, suppliers, and business partners. As we have also detailed in previous BitSight Insights reports over the last four years, this industry has maintained a strong security posture in comparison to others. Given that the Finance industry is a leader in managing third-party cyber risk, how secure is their supply chain, and where do weak links lie?

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The Evolution of Vendor Risk Management

Security and risk management leads must engage constructively with boards of directors to fuel the success of their integrated risk management programs. Gartner has compiled seven activities that will maximize the level of engagement.

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Third-Party Risk Management for Financial Services

Financial services firms continue to be a favorite target of threat actors, who are launching attacks that are increasingly subtle, complex, and dangerous. Even though financial institutions might maintain tight security over their own operations, lapses on the part of third-party vendors can provide malicious hackers an easy way to breach defenses.

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Veracode Leverages Bitsight to Gain a Competitive Edge and Convey Cybersecurity Excellence to its Customers

Veracode's visionary board of directors asked for insight into the company's cybersecurity performance. As a result, the Chief Information Officer was tasked with sharing actionable metrics and generating reports that he could easily present to his board to help drive productive security discussions.

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What Works in Third-Party Risk Assessment: Using Bitsight for Continuous Monitoring

The Third-Party Risk Assessment Program Manager at KPMG US uses BitSight Security Ratings as a key input in assuring that KPMG's third-party suppliers and partners that will handle sensitive information are secure enough to keep that information protected. BitSight Security Ratings are monitored against thresholds that trigger potential investigation or re-certification of suppliers.

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Digital Retail: How to Connect with Customers

Engaged customers spend 60% more per transaction, according to consultancy firm Rosetta. That explains the push to transform the customer experience. This white paper delves into the critical factors facing the retail industry, and looks at ways that connected devices can improve both the customer and employee experience.

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