Romantic movies to stream this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is eagerly awaited by some, and dreaded by others. You could go the conventional route and celebrate the day with a romantic dinner, but a recent article in the Washington Post warned that Valentine’s Day is the absolute worst time to visit a restaurant. Our recommendation: Watch movies. It’s great fun for couples, friends, and yes, those who cherish their alone time.

This list includes 20 of our top recommendations and where you can find them online. They all have a touch a romance, even if some have very different moods. Whether you’re celebrating or avoiding the topic of love, these films will help.

Modern Times



12 Stardust Paramount

Claire Danes, a fallen star, and Charlie Cox try to escape witches and kings in Matthew Vaughn’s Stardust. 

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20 offbeat Christmas movies for streaming

The holiday season brings with it many traditions, including the tradition of Christmas-themed movies. We love to watch our favorites again and again (like those on this Best Christmas movies list) to try and recapture what we love about the holidays.

But what if you’ve just seen those classics too many times? What if you can’t stand another feelgood moment in a movie? Sometimes you just need something a bit edgier, and outside the box. Here are 20 streaming movies that promise a little bit of Christmas, but also a bit of horror, comedy, tragedy, darkness, or other forms of subversive expression.

The Night of the Hunter

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Have yourself a streaming little Christmas

Christmas is largely about tradition, and sometimes it’s nice to watch the same old stuff: movies that celebrate Christmas for all its good qualities, its ability to bring people together and to get some people to be a little bit nicer to one another. The movies here are sure to get the cheer flowing. Happy Holidays to you all!

If you’d rather skip the Christmas carols and good cheer, come back tomorrow when we’ll offer our favorite twisted holiday fare.

Arthur Christmas

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The best classic movies to stream for Thanksgiving 2017

It's Thanksgiving time once again, and most of us will be assembling with our families for a great feast. That means quite a lot of downtime stuck talking to weird relatives about what they've been up to lately, or worse, politics. A great solution is to stream one of these classic, much-loved classic, or should-be-classic holiday movies, more or less guaranteed to please most everyone in the room.

Perhaps some feel-good magic will rub off and make the holiday feel a little more special. Come back tomorrow for our top picks in oddball holiday movies.

Miracle on 34th Street

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Classic haunts: Our favorite scary movies available for streaming this Halloween season

Halloween is almost here. Last week we brought you some of the most recent horror films to watch in celebration of the pagan holiday. Now we present the classics, the flicks that have been lying in wait, infinitely patient from the dawn of time to the 1980s. There are monsters here, vampires and werewolves and zombies, in black-and-white and in color. Some are gory, some are funny, and some of them are outright spooky.

Choose wisely, and beware. Happy Halloween!

Dracula (1931) (Shudder)

Alice Sweet Alice (TubiTV, Amazon Prime)


Alice Sweet Alice Anchor Bay

After a childhood trauma, a masked killer is on the loose in the horrific Alice Sweet Alice.

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A hoot and a haunt for Halloween: Stream 21 of our favorite modern classics and cult favorites (if you dare)

It’s Halloween season! Any time is a good time for to stream a horror movie, but this is the best time for a scare. And while lots of movies deliver chills and thrills, the season of jack-o-lanterns, devils, and witches demands something special.

Jaws is a summer movie. Black Christmas is a Christmas movie. The Silence of the Lambs is more of a suspense movie. What we’ve carefully curated here is a list of 21 movies you can binge on for the rest of the month. We’re focusing on recent films released between 1990 and the present; next week, we’ll offer a list of classics.

The Addiction (Hoopla)

The House of the Devil (Shudder)


house of the devil Magnet Releasing

Jocelin Donahue takes a babysitting job with sinister consequences in Ti West’s The House of the Devil.

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The best movies to watch this Independence Day weekend

The Fourth of July is a time for barbecues and family, hot dogs and fireworks, and red, white, and blue decorations. But is there more to it? Sure there is, and these movies offer a sampling. Some of the movies are out of history (although, weirdly, very few movies were actually made about the first Independence Day), and some merely depict the celebrations and activities of the holiday itself. Some of these visions are dark, and some are heroic. But they all invoke a sense of freedom and the American spirit—that drive to keep going, to keep trying, even if the odds are impossible. 

Young Mr. Lincoln (Netflix) 

jma j4 youngmrlincoln1 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

One from the Heart (Hulu) 

jma j4 onefromtheheart3 American Zoetrope


Dave (Hulu)

jma j4 dave1 Warner Bros.


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