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Ding dong! Wireless doorbell informs you of visitors with a text message

One of the worst things that can happen while expecting a package is not hearing the doorbell ring. Not only do you miss out on getting your cool swag, but now you have to make a trip to the post office—the most depressing place on Earth. Someone must felt our collective pain and thought up this sweet doorbell hack.
11 years ago

Roku announces shipping info for Streaming Stick, updates mobile apps

On Thursday, Roku made several announcements regarding its streaming video players. The company updated its iOS and Android apps with new music and photo features, finally slapped a price and (rough) ship date on its upcoming Streaming Stick product, and added a Vudu channel to its growing lineup.
11 years ago

The camera from the bottom of the lagoon

Andy Ihnatko found a camera at the bottom of the lagoon in Boston's Public Garden. How long had it been there? Who dropped it? Could its memory card be saved? The answers were surprising.
11 years ago