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Watching college football on your digital devices

A new season of college football has already kicked off. And with the sport moving beyond just a few channels on your TV dial to regional TV and streaming, following your favorite sport can be a challenge. But it's no so overwhelming if you know where to look.
10 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Camera: Hands On

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Camera, introduced at this week's IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, takes clear, colorful images but is buggy and slow.
10 years ago

A/V connectors guide in pictures

What do all the connectors on the front and back of your A/V receiver do? Loyd Case has the answers (and pictures) you need.
10 years ago

Three-Minute Tech: IEEE 802.11ac

There's a new wireless standard on the way, and it promises more reliable connections and greater speed than 802.11n. What's this new 802.11ac standard all about?
10 years ago

How many speakers is enough?

Choosing the right amount of speakers for your home entertainment system is like picking the firmness level for your side of a Sleep Number bed. In other words, it’s extremely personal.
10 years ago

D10: Zynga challenged by mobile

Zynga's Marc Pincus was on stage at D, talking about his company's challenges. Jason Snell wonders what the company's true challenges are.
10 years ago is not a social network, so what is it?

Microsoft's is not so much a social network as a search and sharing tool built on top Bing and Facebook. We'll tell you what it's all about.
10 years ago

Three-Minute Tech: Audio compression

The day may come when increased storage capacities and unfettered Internet bandwidth make uncompressed audio files the norm. But for now, audio files are generally compressed to save space and to make downloads faster. Here's how it works.
10 years ago