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Piper NV

Piper NV review: Icontrol adds night vision to its connected-home hub/security camera

Night vision is a major new feature for this camera, but Piper still lacks a number of features compared to some other DIY connected-home platforms on the market today.


Baby Gigl heads to Indiegogo to make your baby's bottle smarter

Slow Control's smart bottle provides real time feedback to help caregivers best pace a bottle feed.

handground with blue bottle

Crowd-designed coffee grinder blows through its Kickstarter goal in just 18 hours

The team behind Handground knew there had to be a better way to achieve a consistent grind, so they turned to the hoards of coffee lovers all over the Internet to design a better grinder.


Countertop sanitizer will use UV to clean the gook off things babies stick in their mouths

UviCube turns to Kickstarter to get a sleek, countertop UV sanitizer into kitchens and nurseries to help get the germs off of all the things babies put in their mouths.

milk nanny parts

Milk Nanny, a smartphone-controlled automatic formula dispenser, promises to reduce the pain of late-night feedings

New Kickstarter project Milk Nanny is like a smartphone connected Keurig for your baby.


D-Link DCS-825L baby monitor review: A strong camera with lots of features

Watch your baby sleep from your smartphone, tablet, or web browser whether you’re in the next room or out of the house with Dlink’s DCS-825L Wi-Fi baby monitor.

Sen.se Mother and the Cookies

Mother review: This smart-home hub makes promises the Internet of Things can't deliver

Mother and the Motion Cookies work together to track many aspects of your day-to-day life, but the available apps are limited to tracking things that are more gimmicky and less revolutionary.