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Michael is TechHive's lead editor and covers the smart home and home entertainment markets. He built his own smart home in 2007, which he uses as a real-world test lab when reviewing new products. Michael also reviews routers and networking products for TechHive and PCWorld.

ring video doorbell 4

Ring takes more steps to ease privacy concerns surrounding its Ring Neighbors app

Police and other public safety agencies will soon be required to make requests for information and/or video recordings publicly viewable via Ring’s neighborhood-watch app.

floodlight cam 2 pro

Eufy Security launches a new line of outdoor security cams, hoping to put its privacy debacle in the past

Five new self-contained cameras and a camera/floodlight combo store recordings in onboard memory, not the cloud.

aura air product 06

Aura Air review: Trades air pollution for noise pollution

This wall-mounted air purifier boasts some great technology, but it’s much too loud for us to recommend with any enthusiasm.

bhyve hose faucet timer with bridge

Orbit B-hyve Smart Hose Watering Timer review: Sophisticated yet simple

This Bluetooth (and Wi-Fi, with a bridge)-based watering system is great for drip and other hose-based irrigation systems.

orbit b hyve 2nd gen angled

Orbit announces a second generation of its B-Hyve hose faucet timer

The B-Hyve XD features a stronger Bluetooth radio and an onboard display and user interface.

narwal t10 primary

Narwal T10 review: An awesome robot vac/mop hybrid hobbled by a terrible app

This powerful robot will scrub your floors after vacuuming them, but glaring problems with its app nearly wipe out all its benefits.

peril protect essentials package

Peril Protect leak detection system review: Pricey and limited protection from water damage

This subscription-based system is super easy to deploy and use, but it’s expensive and can’t be integrated with other smart home devices or services.

amazon echo dot fourth gen main

Amazon’s limited-time offer gets you an Echo Dot for just 99 cents—sort of

You’ll also need to sign up for at least one month of Amazon Music Unlimited.

matter smart bulb

Zigbee Alliance announces a new smart home standard, Matter; renames itself the Connectivity Standards Alliance

Amazon, Google, Signify and other heavy hitters are backing Matter, a new open-source standard for smart home products and systems.

multo with tablet

CookingPal’s Multo smart appliance is a food processor that can also cook

The manufacturer says its new appliance can prep your food, cook the entrée and a couple of side dishes, and then clean up after itself.

wemo stage in hand

Wemo Stage Scene Controller review: Almost a HomeKit home run

One flaw prevents this remote from being great. Blame it on Apple.

phyn leak sensor lifestyle 2

Phyn adds a remote sensor to its smart water-leak detection lineup

The new gadget can work solo or in concert with the Phyn Plus smart valve.

Phyn Plus with PEX tubing

Phyn Plus smart water valve review: Sophisticated leak detection and water use analysis—for a price

Yes, it’s even more expensive than the Flo by Moen, but Phyn doesn’t charge extra to inform you how you’re using water.

anker nebula r2 d2 oblique

Anker Nebula Capsule II R2-D2 Limited Edition review: The Force is strong with this one

This tiny projector packs a big punch, just like its droid namesake. But only hardcore fans will tolerate the upsell.

eve aqua lifestyle 03

Eve Aqua review: The perfect watering timer for the HomeKit set

Support for HomeKit and Thread render this water valve smarter than most, but Android users are left high and dry.