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Xbox One new game collection

Microsoft's Xbox One begins previewing Anniversary Updates, with Cortana and improved sharing

Microsoft will begin previewing its Anniversary Update features for the Xbox One and Windows 10 Xbox app as early as this week, with Cortana as well as new and improved ways to share game clips and other content.


Energous nabs FCC certification for true wireless charging, though you'll have to wait for it

Energous, a startup that promises to charge wireless devices by beaming power to them through the air, has passed an important milestone: FCC certification of its WattUp technology.

phil spencer microsoft xbox one

Report: Microsoft could debut Xbox One game streaming stick and 'Xbox TV' at E3

Petri's Brad Sams speculates that Microsoft is filling a price gap with two lower-cost streaming devices, along the lines of the Chromecast and Roku.

nvidia shield tv primary

Nvidia's pricey Shield Android TV adds some value with 4K YouTube and Netflix HDR

Software Upgrade 3.2 to Nvidia's Shield Android TV media streamer will add a number of nifty updates for higher-quality video apps and games. However, it remains pricey compared to a traditional streaming device like Roku.

xiaomi mi box

Android TV will add new apps and devices as it heads toward Android N

Several key entertainment apps, including ESPN, will arrive on Android TV in the coming months, Google said Wednesday.

google home purple

Google announces Google Home, bringing 'OK Google' to your kitchen

Google launches Google Home, an Amazon Echo competitor and a showcase for its new Google Assistant conversational-language search.


New report points to Google's Echo clone being called the 'Google Home'

The New York Times confirms earlier reports that Google will launch a device for the home that will tap into the power of Google's own natural language search.

comcast van 100577051 large

Comcast raises trial data caps to a terabyte but won't commit to nationwide rollout

Comcast has increased its broadband data caps to a terabyte per month, the company said Wednesday. But company executives seem to think that everyone will be subject to them before long.

Microsoft kills off its Xbox 360 gaming console, but Xbox 360 games will live on thanks to the Xbox One

Microsoft announces it will cease production of the Xbox 360, but don't despair: all of its services will continue uninterrupted.

chrome music lab primary

Google's delightful Chrome Music Lab is designed for kids like you

Google has struck a chord with its enthralling new Chrome Music Lab, a number of in-browser experiments featuring sound.

whatismymovie star wars

New search site says it can find that movie where Sean Connery wears red pants

A new site called claims to be able to intelligently find movies based on what they're actually showing on screen -- and it does an okay job, too.

passive wi fi 1

'Passive Wi-Fi' researchers promise to cut Wi-Fi power by 10,000x

Researchers at the University of Washington say they've discovered passive Wi-Fi: a way to reduce Wi-Fi power to the microwatt level, useful for sensors or the Internet of Things.

best picture bing academy awards

Bing picks Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant to win Oscars

Microsoft's Bing weighs in on the Academy Awards, predicting that Oscar voters will hand Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar for best actor in a landslide.

microsoft display adapter

Microsoft promises less lag in its updated Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft’s Display Adapter uses the Miracast technology to establish a private wireless connection with your Windows tablet. Because the Wireless Display Adapter had to send what your phone or tablet wanted to display over the air, a bit of lag tended to occur. Microsoft promised it's eliminated or at least mitigated this issue.

comcast center philadelphia161

The specter of Comcast as a wireless carrier is more than a little frightening

Comcast says it has registered to bid in the upcoming government wireless auction, suggesting that it is indeed considering offering wireless service.