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Caixun Series S Android TV review: A reasonable choice for budget shoppers

Caixun's model EC55S isn't a great 55-inch TV, but for the price, you get a pleasing picture with no real annoyances—and that's not a given in this price class.

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TCL 6-Series 4K UHD smart TV review: An impressive entertainment value

TCL's 6-Series delivers mini-LED contrast and brightness and rich quantum dot color at a very affordable price.

iclever hero

iClever BTH13 headphones for kids review: Sonically safer for junior

These headphones will appeal to kids of a certain age and type. They sound remarkably good for the price and allow parents to lock down the volume.

home theater

How to buy the right-sized TV (the only problem is that it might not exist)

Quality over size is our usual mantra, but vendors don't generally offer their best technology in TVs smaller than 55-inch class.

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TCL adds 8K models to its 6-series smart TV lineup and moves to a gap-less mini-LED backlight array

TCL will ship its first 8K TVs later this year and it feature the company's third-generation mini-LED technology—OD (Optical Distance) Zero. Zero is the number of millimeters between the backlighting and LCD layers.

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There's a new player in the OLED TV market: Skyworth will offer OLED and LCD smart TVs in the U.S. in 2021

U.S. newcomer Skyworth's 2021 smart TV line-up will hit the states later this year, including an OLED model featuring a panel built in a fab it co-owns with LG.

lg webos 6

LG delivers next-gen OLED, mini-LED backlighting, WebOS 6.0, and a new Magic Remote for 2021

LG has improved its OLED pixel elements, redesigned its Magic Remote, and added Mini-LED backlighting to its LED/LCD TVs. Version 6.0 of WebOS is also on board.

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Sony TVs boast faster, smarter processing and improved audio, but there are no major technology changes

While competitors move to mini LED tech, Sony sticks with its current backlighting and color while focusing on image processing and sound.

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Samsung edges its MicroLED TV line a tiny bit closer to mainstream at CES

Samsung is finally incorporating its self-emissive Micro-LED technology into TVs that deep-pocketed early adopters will be interested in buying.

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Konka TV goes upscale with quantum-dot TVs at CES 2021

Konka is looking to expand its presence beyond the entry-level in the United States with quantum dots, and is adding a second operating system, WebOS to the low-end lineup.

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Tribit QuietPlus 50 headphone review: Active noise cancellation on the cheap

Tribit's QuietPlus 50 offer good sound without ANC and passable sound with it. Considering the low price tag, that's pretty remarkable.

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Vizio V-series 4K UHD TV review: Even entry-level TVs are good these days

Vizio's 50-inch-class V505-H19 smart TV offers slightly better processing than the similar, recently reviewed Konka U50, although it lacks its rival's Bluetooth capabilities.

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iLive Bluetooth Tailgate Party speaker (model ISB380B) review: Cheap, light, and fun

With USB and SD card playback, as well as a microphone input, the iLive Tailgate Bluetooth speaker (ISB380B) is a versatile party animal. It's also surprisingly light. Just don't expect audiophile sound.

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Konka U5-series 4K smart TV review: The (street) price is about right

This Android TV delivers an average picture at best, but you won't encounter a lot of 50-inch 4K TVs at this price.

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Vizio OLED TV review: Velvety blacks and effective HDR, but a wee bit lacking with fine detail

Vizio's high-end smart TV offers the lush picture you'd expect from OLED for less money than LG or Sony, but this isn't the best OLED TV you can buy.