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Jeffrey has been a working film critic for more than 14 years. He first fell in love with the movies at age six while watching "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" and served as staff critic for the San Francisco Examiner from 2000 through 2003.

10 fun summer movie releases to stream while the weather's hot

In the world of movies, summer begins in early May, when the first superhero movie emerges. And summer usually means big entertainments, with big stars, big explosions, big chases, big laughs, and big everything. So to celebrate, here's a selection of 10 great (or at least fun) summer movies streaming on Netflix.

10 cult favorite movies streaming on Hulu Plus

This week I take a peek at 10 cult favorite movies now streaming on Hulu Plus.

10 pulpy movies on Netflix

The term "pulp fiction" once referred to an actual type of cheap paper that certain entertaining, high-concept, lowbrow books and stories were published on. These days it refers to anything that's slightly cheap or subversive or not dealing with "respectable" subject matter. Here are ten "pulpy" movies that you can stream on Netflix this week.

10 'B' movies to stream this month

The 'B movie' was a term for a shorter, lower-budget feature film that would play in front of the high-class 'A movies' back in the days of movie palaces. Though that phenomenon did not last forever, the term 'B movie' stuck. Here’s a selection of so-called 'B movies' to catch on Netflix this month.

10 movies by great directors

What makes a great director? A long career of great movies? More good movies than bad ones? Lots of Oscars? It's not so easy to define. But one that that is consistent with the great ones is a certain depth of emotion; you can just feel when you're in the hands of someone great. These 10 films were made by 10 directors that just might qualify.

Sing into spring movies

It's that time of year when the weather is starting to get warmer, things are blossoming, and people are generally happier. Though, while most folks may not actually break into song in real life, it happens all the time in movies, whether they're happy, sad, or even blaming Canada. This week, a wide-ranging batch of musical and music-related films helps celebrate these and other high-spirited moods.

Post-Oscar recovery movies

Indulging in too many important, indulgent, and lengthy Oscar movies can drain a person's appetite for cinema. Without even a single Oscar nomination among them, these more inventive, lower-budget, and much shorter movies could re-ignite jaded filmic passions, one way or another.