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netatmo smart outdoor camera with siren

Netatmo adds a siren to its Smart Outdoor Camera

Netatmo's new Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren boasts (wait for it) a built-in siren designed to scare away intruders.

philips hue play hdmi sync box profile

Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box gets support for IR remotes, Dolby Vision/HDR10+, and voice control

The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box can now be controlled with a third-party infrared remote control or with voice commands via Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.

philips hue play hdmi sync box profile

Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box review: Want to make your Hue lights sync with your TV? Here's the answer

This compact device does an impressive job of syncing your Hue lights with your TV without any detectable latency, but it’s pricey, and there’s no remote.

c by ge full color

Prestige smart home product developer Savant Systems set to acquire GE Lighting

Previously focused on high-end custom installers, Savant's acquisition of the 130-year-old GE Lighting brand indicates the company is eyeing expansion into the retail smart home market.

spotify mobile new look

Spotify nixes 10,000-item limit for saved music libraries

Spotify fanatics, rejoice: no more will you need to prune your collections of songs and albums because your Spotify library is maxed out.

google nest mini main

Google is testing Voice Match verification for Google Assistant purchases

If all goes well with its pilot program, Google may soon let you confirm Google Assistant purchases with your voice rather than your phone.

jqbx interface

Want to listen to Spotify remotely with your friends? There’s an app for that

Just like the late app, JQBX lets you create remote listening rooms for your friends. You will, however, need a Spotify Premium account to indulge.

Wink Hub 2 primary

Wink relents, delays mandatory switch to paid subscriptions indefinitely

Wink’s about-face comes two weeks after its abrupt announcement that users would need to pay a subscription fee to continue using its smart platform.

Netflix / TV / hand / remote

Netflix to automatically cancel subscriptions for long-dormant accounts

Netflix says it hopes to save people “some hard earned cash” by canceling the subscriptions of those who haven’t streaming in more than a year.

samsung q800t soundbar main

Samsung’s 2020 soundbar lineup to be offered for sale starting this month

First revealed at CES, Samsung’s latest high-end soundbars work together with the speakers on Samsung TVs.

samsung terrace tv

Samsung’s new Terrace 4K QLED TV is designed for the great outdoors

The first outdoor TV from Samsung boasts an IP55 rating and more than 2,000 nits of brightness. A matching Bluetooth soundbar is on the way, too.

lenovo smart frame main 2

You can pre-order Lenovo’s $399 Smart Frame for half-price ahead of its August launch

First spotted at CES, the upcoming digital photo frame syncs with Google Photos, and you can swipe through images with a wave of your hand.

logitech circle view

Logitech unveils HomeKit Secure Video-enabled Circle View security cam

This $160 follow-up to Logitech’s Circle 2 will support HomeKit Secure Video as soon as it ships.

d link ifttt

D-Link to yank IFTTT support for older smart home devices by the end of the year

Some of D-Link’s older and discontinued smart plugs, cameras, and sensors will lose IFTTT integration in December.

google nest hub

How to make your Google/Nest smart speakers, displays, and cameras listen for suspicious sounds

Thanks to Google’s new Nest Aware plans, Google Home and Nest devices can now keep an ear out for the sounds of smoke alarms and breaking glass.