Get 360 degrees of security coverage without breaking the bank

Not all floodlight cameras are created equally. Read on to find what sets the eufy Floodlight Video Camera II apart.

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Floodlight cameras are an essential part of outdoor security, giving additional coverage to parts of your house that other outdoor security cameras may miss. Their wide field-of-view give missing coverage to backyards and garages, and the additional motion detection light provides a higher quality image while also acting as a deterrent to would-be intruders.

But not all floodlight cameras are created equally. When choosing the right floodlight camera, there are several factors to take into consideration, one of the most important of which is field-of-view. Floodlight security cameras should have a wide enough field-of-view - at least 135 degrees. And the video quality needs to be good enough for the camera's on-board AI services, such as face detection, to work properly.

This is why the eufy Floodlight Camera 2 Pro is a great outdoor camera option. Eufy has a longstanding reputation of providing holistic security coverage with secure, local storage.

The Floodlight Camera 2 is no exception. It comes with a 360 degree pan and tilt camera, allowing it to cover an entire yard regardless of where it is placed. Wide driveways and yards are no longer a concern — the single camera can pan and tilt to cover a specific area, whereas other systems would require two cameras to do the same job.

But it's not just the 360 pan-and-tilt feature; the Floodlight Camera 2 pro also features onboard AI and spot tracking features that provide an extra layer of security. When the floodlight camera detects an unfamiliar face, it will automatically pan and tilt to track the subject until the subject is completely out of frame.

The floodlight panels and the 2k video resolution help provide clear, vibrant videos which also help with the camera's onboard AI. The three onboard light panels are tunable, which means that the color temperature and luminosity can be adjusted based on the environment.

Data privacy is a rising concern among home security users - who has access to which footage, how it is secured, and where it lives is something consumers are becoming more wary of. The eufy Video Floodlight addresses all of these by ensuring that all footage is stored locally on a military-grade encrypted hard drive.

Local storage also means no hidden fees that come with the floodlight. While other cloud-based security systems charge a monthly fee to access security footage and onboard AI features, all of the the eufy Floodlight Camera's features come without any additional cost.

The eufy Floodlight 2 Camea solves the biggest problem with most outdoor cameras - the 360 degree field-of-view makes it easy to see all subjects. Frank Zhu, general manager of Eufy Security says, "The eufy Floodlight solves one of the biggest complaints of floodlight cameras: limited field of view. With its 360 degree pan and tilt camera, tunable 3000 lumen LED array and AI-powered human detection and auto-tracking, there is virtually nothing our Floodlight Cam will miss."

Watch this video to see it in action:

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