Eufy RoboVac G30 Hybrid review: This budget-priced robot vac mops as well as vacuums

Excellent navigation and solid cleaning performance make this household helper a great value.

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At a Glance
  • Eufy RoboVac G30 Hybrid

Eufy’s G30 Hybrid brings together vacuuming and mopping capabilities in one modestly priced robot. As with most hybrids, it’s a better robot vacuum than a robot mop, but when you consider it also comes with smart navigation, app control, and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice-command support, it’s a great value at $370.

The G30 Hybrid is a super-svelte 12.8 x 12.8 x 2.85 inches. Not surprisingly, it looks very much like the Eufy G30 Edge we reviewed last year. There’s a trio of physical buttons on top—start/pause Auto cleaning, spot cleaning, and recharge—along with a Wi-Fi status light/power switch on the side. Underneath are the main roller brush, a side brush, and the vacuum’s sensors and charging pins. A 0.45-liter dustbin with a unibody filter is slotted in at the back. A separate mopping module consisting of a water tank and washable microfiber cloth attaches to the bottom of the dustbin when you want to wet-clean hard floors.

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Several accessories are included with the vacuum. In addition to the charging dock and power adapter, there’s a six-and-a-half-foot roll of boundary strip and some adhesive tape you can use to block off areas you want the vacuum to avoid. There’s also an extra side brush and filter, five disposable mopping cloths, five cable ties, extra filter elements, and a waterproof pad to set the vacuum on after it mops.

eufy g30 hybrid couch  copy Eufy

With its slim profile, the Eufy G30 Hybrid can easily get under furniture.

The G30 Hybrid uses the second generation of Eufy’s Smart Dynamic Navigation technology that enables better room coverage and reduced cleaning time, according to Eufy. And it runs the second-gen of BoostIQ, which automatically optimizes suction power according to the type of floor it’s cleaning or how much dirt it detects.

Setup and performance

The G30 Hybrid doesn’t require much assembly. You just snap one of the side brushes onto its post, switch the power on, plug the dock in, and set it against a wall with plenty of room on the sides and in front. Set the vacuum on its charging pins and you’re setup is done. While the vacuum is charging, you’ll need to download the Eufy Home app and create an account. Once you add the G30 Hybrid from a list of available products, the app will prompt you through a handful of steps to connect the vacuum to your Wi-Fi network.

There are just two cleaning modes: Auto, which cleans the whole room in a Z-shaped pattern, and Spot, which cleans a specific area in a spiral pattern for two minutes. You can start and pause cleaning in either mode by pushing the appropriate button on top of the vacuum or the one in the app.

eufy g30 hybrid main Michael Ansaldo/IDG

The EufyHome app makes allows you to remotely control the G30 Hybrid, schedule cleanings, and track job details.

The G30 Hybrid’s suction maxes out a respectable 2000pa, and you can select from four suction modes: Standard, Turbo, Max, and BoostIQ. Standard is the default setting, but if your floors are a mix of hard surfaces and carpet as mine are, it makes sense to toggle it to BoostIQ. This will enable the vacuum to automatically increase the suction when necessary, such as on high-pile carpeting or to deal with hard-to-sweep messes.

With multiple kids and pets, I vacuum every day to keep dirt and allergens at bay. I used the G30 Hybrid for these maintenance cleanings, reserving my corded vacuuming for the weekend, and it did a decent job of keeping things in shape. It had no trouble removing tracked-in dirt, household dust, pet hair, and food crumbs from my carpets and hardwood floors.

It zig-zagged efficiently through my living room, kitchen, and entryway, nimbly maneuvering around furniture legs and other obstacles. I was particularly thrilled that it could easily get under my couch and into the toe spaces under kitchen counters without getting stuck, something most robot vacuums struggle with. The boundary strips I used to keep the vacuum out of some cord clutter, though an eyesore, worked perfectly.

Eufy recommends emptying the dustbin after every cleaning. I found I could get away with it every other day but it obviously depends on how many square feet you’re cleaning and how often you vacuum. The dustbin opens easily for emptying, as does the unibody filter. That’s particularly important as Eufy suggests you clean the filter at least once a week, twice weekly if you have pets.

The mopping results were less impressive, but no worse than another vacuum/mop hybrid I’ve used. Preparing for a job is a simple as filling the water tank with some tap water, dampening the mopping cloth, inserting it on the tank, and attaching the assembled module to the bottom of the dustbin. You’ll also want to attach the waterproof pad under the charging dock, so water doesn’t drip on your floors while the vacuum is recharging. Finally, you select a cleaning mode and the G30 Hybrid vacuums your hard floors, dragging the damp cloth behind. This is fine for removing loose surface grime, but it doesn’t perform any agitation—as you would using a stick mop or scrubbing by hand—so you might find it insufficient for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

The Eufy Home app makes the operation of the G30 Hybrid extremely easy. The home screen displays the current cleaning duration along with all the controls you need to operate the vacuum. You can display a basic map of the most recent cleaning job by tapping a dedicated map button here, too.

eufy g30 hybrid map Michael Ansaldo/IDG

The G30 Hybrid generates a map of where it’s cleaned.

If you have a larger home, there are a couple of features you may want to activate in the Settings menu. The first is Auto-Return Cleaning. This allows the G30 Hybrid to recharge when its battery is running low, then resume cleaning where it left off. The other is Find My Robot, which will tell you where your vacuum is when you lose track of it.


The Eufy G30 Hybrid is a solid performing robot vacuum at an affordable price. If you have carpet and hard floors in your home, it’s worth considering for daily upkeep and potentially reducing how often you need to break out your conventional vacuum and mop

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At a Glance
  • The Eufy G30 Hybrid is a great value, offering solid performance, efficient navigation, and app and voice control for an affordable price.


    • Slim design
    • Mops as well as vacuums
    • Smart navigation enables better room coverage and shorter cleaning times


    • Mopping method isn’t adequate for stubborn grime
    • Boundary strips are inferior to virtual no-go zones
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