The Nobi smart lamp can detect when a person falls in their home and will call for assistance

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As the baby-boomer generation swells the ranks of America’s oldest population, an increasing number of smart home product developers are looking to help them age in place. The Nobi smart lamp is a case in point, having been designed to detect when a person falls in their home. It can then call for emergency assistance.

nobi smart lamp Nobi

The Nobi smart lamp is designed to replace an existing ceiling fixture. Its onboard camera and artificial intelligence can detect when a person falls in the home and can summon help.

The euro-modern-style lamp will be available in two configurations, both of which are designed to replace an existing ceiling fixture: The Nobi and the smaller Nobita, which offers the added benefit of humidity resistance, so that it can be installed in a bathroom. In addition to fall detection, the lamps can also detect fire, monitor air quality, and recognize a burglary in progress.

nobita by nobi Nobi

The smaller Nobita offers the same features but is resistant to humidity and can be installed in a bathroom.

Both lamps are outfitted with a camera, speaker, and an onboard processor that can perform image processing on the device itself, enhancing privacy by not uploading them to the cloud for that task. If a fall is detected, the Nobi’s speaker will ask if the resident is OK. If there’s no response, the smart lamp will call the person’s emergency contact list. The resident has the option to share captured images with those contacts in the event of an emergency.

Nobi says it will cost about $2,500 to outfit “an average apartment,” but doesn’t specify how many smart lamps that would include or the amount of square footage each one can cover. In addition to the purchase price, you’ll need to sign up for a $19-per-month subscription. Alternatively, you can rent the equipment for $119 per month, subscription included.

The Nobi and Nobita smart lamps are expected to be available by the end of 2021.

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