Toto’s new smart toilets are less likely to invoke sticker shock

The Japanese manufacturer has been (ahem) a fixture at CES, displaying ultra-high-end bathroom products. This year, its tech trickles down to more affordable models.

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Toto is known for building elaborate booths at CES to display and demonstrate its technologically advanced plumbing fixtures. If you’ve longed to grace your bathroom with one of the company’s high-tech toilets, you’ll be happy to know that some relatively affordable models are coming to market.

When we first covered Toto’s CES in 2016, its top-of-the-line toilet cost nearly $10,000. In 2021, you’ll be able to buy that same technology for less than $1,500. Granted, the Toto Washlet+ C2 (integrated remote control) and the Washlet+ C5 (wall-mounted remote) still cost several times the price of your average throne, but they’re equipped with technology that will keep your bum squeaky clean. Plus, Toto promises the toilet itself will be easier to clean.

washlet c5 lifestyle vignette 7x5 2 Toto

The Toto Washlet+ C5 features a wall-mounted remote control. The remote is mounted to the bidet seat on the Washlet+ C2 displayed at the top of this page.

The toilet bowl is fabricated from an ultrasmooth ceramic. Adding Toto’s Washlet+ seat turns the toilet into a bidet. When you approach the toilet, a “pre-mist” feature sprays electrolyzed water over the surface of the bowl above the water line. Electrolyzing the water converts it to sodium hypochlorite—a broad-spectrum disinfectant—and makes the bowl surface even more slick.

When flushed, Toto’s Dynamax Tornado technology fills the bowl with water from the back as well as the sides to create a more forceful flush. The combination of the slick bowl and the robust flush reduces the likelihood that solid waste will stick to the sides, all while using less water, about .8 gallons per flush. The misting function occurs every eight hours to keep the bowl clean, and it reduces the need to introduce harsh chemicals during periodic cleanings with a brush or rag.

In addition to the bowl cleaning, the bidet wand uses the same process to clean itself. There’s also an onboard water heater and a deodorizer to keep odor at bay, and a blower tops the experience off by lightly drying your bottom after the show.

Both models require a button push to initiate flushing. If you’re looking for a touchless experience, you’ll need to move up to one of Toto’s more expensive models, with prices starting at around $2,500.

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