You can now share your favorite Alexa routines

Trading clever Alexa routines with friends and loved ones just became a lot easier.

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Have you cooked up a clever, helpful, or elaborate Alexa routine that you want to share with the world? Instead of having to describe it step-by-step, now you can send it to anyone in just a few taps.

Amazon has announced that starting today, you can send your Alexa routines to friends, loved ones, or anyone else using a sharable URL. All you need to do is open the Alexa mobile app, pull up a routine you’ve created, tap the three-dot overflow button, then tap Share Routine.

When you do, the Alexa app will create a custom URL that you can send via text or email, or you could share it on a social account.

To receive an Alexa routine, you’ll need to tap the link on your phone to open the Alexa mobile app. You’ll then get a chance to review the routine and (if you wish) customize the steps before saving it. Any steps that require additional information—for example, a step that involves turning on a particular smart light in your house—will be highlighted in yellow.

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You’ll have a change to review and customize a shared routine before saving it. Steps in the routine that require additional information are highlighted in yellow. 

Of course, there are privacy implications when it comes to sharing your Alexa routines. If, say, you share a “Go to sleep” routine that includes your actual bedtime, you’ll essentially be telling the world—including potential intruders—when you turn in for the night.

Also, keep in mind that once you share an Alexa routine, you can’t unshare it, even if you delete it. By the same token, because you’re really only sharing a copy of the routine, any changes made to the routine by those you’ve shared it with won’t alter the original routine.

To kick off the arrival of sharable Alexa routines, Amazon is sharing some routines of its own, including a few from some familiar online brands and even a celebrity or two. (The following descriptions are from Amazon, by the way.)

  • The Family Routine from celebrity couple Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker: Filled with dance breaks and encouragement, the Family Routine can help keep busy families motivated each morning. Enable
  • Fitness Day Routine: Alexa will walk customers through a full day of tips and reminders as well as a mid-day workout, all from personal trainer Gunnar Peterson. Enable
  • Headspace Routine: Just say, “Alexa, get some Headspace” and Alexa will dim your smart lights to 25 percent, set your devices to “Do Not Disturb” mode, and open the Headspace meditation skill right where you last left off. Enable
  • NPR Routine: When you dismiss your morning alarm, Alexa will tell you the date, current time, weather, and then the news from NPR. Enable
  • History Channel Routine: Just say, “Alexa, good morning” and Alexa will tell you today’s weather and a fact on this day in history, courtesy of the History Channel. Enable
  • iHeartRadio Routine: When you dismiss your alarm, Alexa will turn on your smart lights, start your compatible smart coffee maker (the routine will still work if you don’t have one), and then start Josh and Chuck’s Stuff You Should Know podcast. Enable
  • Focus Time Routine: Keep a study or work session on track by playing 30 minutes of classical music. Enable
  • Screen Time Routine: A routine that helps you track an hour of screen time before encouraging you to be active. Enable
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