Trifo’s Lucy robot vacuum does double-duty as an autonomous patrol bot

Lucy won’t only clean your floors, she’ll also keep an eye out for intruders.

trifo lucy
Ben Patterson/IDG

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The latest robot vacuum from California-based Trifo performs most of the standard tricks you’d expect from an autonomous vacuum, including object avoidance and room-by-room cleaning, but it also has a clever trick up its robotic sleeve: the ability to patrol your home and warn you of unwelcome visitors.

Debuting here at CES, the Alexa-enabled Lucy robot vacuum comes equipped with a 1080p HDR color camera and an active depth sensor that allows for night vision.

Combined with Lucy’s six-core ARM SoC, the camera and the sensor help Lucy to identify people, pets, furniture, and other obstacles.

trifo lucy pet avoidance Ben Patterson/IDG

Lucy’s 1080p HDR camera and active depth sensor allow her to identify and avoid people, pets, slippers, and (ew) dog poop.

Capable of detecting objects less than an inch high, Lucy can avoid socks, slippers, and, well, other small items (yes, we’re talking pet poop).

Even better, Lucy can map out and automatically label the rooms in your home. Once Lucy has figured out which rooms are which, you can simply ask her to clean a specific room (the kitchen, say) via Alexa voice commands.

For example, Lucy will label a room as a bedroom if it spots a bed inside, while the Trifo mobile app can create a 3D model of your home, perfect for setting up “clean” and “don’t clean” zones, as well as “no-go” lines. Lucy is also designed to keep her distance from people and pets while vacuuming as close as possible to furniture and other inanimate objects.

trifo lucy 3d home model Ben Patterson/IDG

Lucy can create a 3D model of your home, which you can use to designate cleaning areas and “no-go” lines.

Best of all, through, Lucy can patrol your home as well as clean. Using the 3D model of your house, you can designate patrol zones for Lucy, as well as “pin” important areas in your home (such as offices, store rooms, and doorways) and let Lucy figure out the best way to keep an eye on things. If Lucy does spot an intruder in your house, she’ll shoot you a mobile notification.

Getting back to the basics, Lucy boasts up to 3,000 Pa of suction power, and she’ll run up to two hours on her rechargeable 5,200mAh battery.

Look for Lucy to go on sale this spring for $800.

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