WiZ Connected unwraps a remote and a motion sensor for its smart lights

Showing off its latest wares at CES, the smart lighting brand is also bringing energy monitoring to its mobile app.

wiz connected wizmote and motion sensor
WiZ Connected

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WiZ Connected is beefing up its smart lighting lineup, with the Signify-owned brand unveiling a remote, a motion sensor, and new energy-monitoring features for its WiZ mobile app.

Announced Monday at CES in Las Vegas and slated to go on sale in April for $14.97, the WiZmote is a fairly basic physical remote with on/off buttons, a brightness control, and four numbered buttons for your various light modes and scenes.

wizmote customization WiZ Connected

The new WiZmote boasts an on/off button, a brightness control, and numbered buttons for your various lighting modes and scenes.

While WiZmote looks similar to the IR remote that comes bundled with WiZ Connected’s starter light kits, the newer model boasts a low-energy Wi-Fi connection that can control all of the WiZ bulbs in a given room. Compatible with all existing WiZ lights, the WiZmote has a range of 50 feet and (according to WiZ) an estimated battery life of about two years. It’s also capable of taking charge of your bulbs without an Internet connection.

Pressing the remote’s “on” button can activate the “Circadian Rhythm” feature on supported WiZ bulbs, which gradually turns up the lights in the morning with a cool white temperature, before shifting to warm white in the afternoon and evening.

Next up, the battery-powered WiZ Motion Sensor can turn on the WiZ lights in a room when it detects motion, and it can dim or turn off your lights when no motion is detected.

wiz motion sensor and energy optimization WiZ Connected

The battery-powered WiZ Motion Sensor can turns your lights on or off whenever it detects (or fails to detect) movement, while new energy-management features in the WiZ app let you know how much power your WiZ bulbs are consuming.

Besides sensing motion, the new WiZ sensor boasts a lux meter that allows it to turn on your lights when the room gets dark.

The sensor lets you customize what happens when it either detects or stops detecting motion, as well as how long it should wait before adjusting your lighting.

Look for the WiZ Motion Sensor to land this summer for $19.97.

Finally, WiZ announced new energy-monitoring features for its WiZ mobile app, including the ability to track the power consumption of your various WiZ lights. You’ll also be able to break down the energy use of your WiZ bulbs by room, or see how much power your bulbs used over a week or a month.

As a side note, WiZ said it’s working on a series of “power meter” smart plugs, although the company didn’t announce a timeframe for their arrival.

Update (1/9/2020): Added more details about the WiZmote.

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