Keep your smartphone charged for cheap with Amazon's one-day power bank sale

RavPower and Amazon are selling power banks and wall chargers on the cheap with this one-day sale.


It’s a great day for powering up your mobile life. Amazon is throwing a one-day sale on RavPower power banks and chargers. The sale isn’t particularly big, with only five items included, but if you need a mobile battery with a whole lot of charging ports then today’s a good day to get one for cheap. Here are our top three picks from the sale, which ends just before midnight Pacific time.

First up is a four-port USB wall charger for $12. This is the all-time low for this charger, which usually sells for $19. RavPower added its iSmart 2.0 smart charging feature to this 40-watt charger, so it adjusts the power output based on the devices connected. This could be a great option for homes with multiple smartphones and not enough outlets.

Next up: a 22000mAh power bank with three iSmart USB outlets for $28.49. It’s another all-time low. This product usually costs $42, so you’re saving $13.50. RavPower says you can get a ton of charges out of this power bank, including almost five complete charges of the iPhone X or 4.4 charges of the Galaxy S8. The charger comes in black, white, red, and blue.

Finally, we have a 26800 mAh power bank for $40 instead of the usual $62, for yet another another all-time low. This charger marries its mammoth battery capacity with three iSmart USB ports, and provides enough power to charge the iPhone 7 up to nine times or the iPad Air twice, according to RavPower. On the downside, this charger only takes a 2.4A charger for input and takes up to 13 hours to fully charge.

[Today’s deal: RavPower one-day sale on Amazon.]

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