Too bright? Just ask Siri to close your HomeKit shades from Lutron

Lutron announces Siri compatibility for its shades using the HomeKit-enabled Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge system.

lutron shades caseta wireless

Imagine waking up in the morning and being able to have your shades drawn without even getting out of bed. With new “Hey Siri!” compatibility, the Lutron shades can do that.

On Wednesday Lutron Electronics announced the ability to use Siri to control its smart-shades via the company’s HomeKit-enabled Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge system. With the Caséta system and the Lutron app, you can use Siri on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch as a remote control for your Lutron connected devices. Previously, Lutron introduced this Siri compatibility to its home lighting system.

The plug-and-play Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge supports Lutron’s battery-powered Serena shades, while the professionally installed Smart Bridge Pro supports Lutron’s Sivoia QS Triathlon wireless shades, the Sivoia QS drapery tracks, the Kirbé vertical drapery system, tensioned shades, pleated shades, and Roman shades.

lutron shades caseta wireless siri

“Simply saying ‘Hey Siri, turn on the lights’ or ‘Siri, open the shades’ results in an experience which feels very natural and is completely integrated with your iOS device,” said Matt Swatsky, Lutron’s director of product management, in a statement. “Also, people can set Serena shades to a desired level in scenes like ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Night’ with other HomeKit compatible accessories so that you can enable everyday experiences using Siri.”

In addition to HomeKit, the Caséta system can also work with some Nest and Xfinity Home products. The Caséta kits starts at $80, and the Lutron shades start at $349.

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