Behmor’s building a smarter coffee roaster and brewer

Behmor coffee roaster

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Every coffee aficionado strives to brew the perfect cup of Joe. But if your reach consistently exceeds your grasp, the fault might lie with your equipment and not your lack of barista skills. There are many solutions out there, and Behmor will add to them with its forthcoming Brazen Connected Brew System and 1600 Connected Drum Coffee Roaster, both due out in September.

Behmor isn’t new to the coffee scene, though the brew system and roaster will be the company’s first connected-home consumer products. What Behmor has essentially done is repurpose its existing brewer and roaster around Dado Labs’ Internet of Things platform, so that both can communicate with your mobile device through a Bluetooth connection. Using a mobile app, you’ll have far greater control over the end result compared to Behmor’s previous products.

Behmohr coffee maker Behmor

Pre-configured profiles means you can skip the trial-and-error process and go right to brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Through the app, you can select from pre-existing roast profiles from resellers or other Behmor users, and of course create your own. The roaster holds up to a pound of green coffee beans and has a multi-speed motor. There’s also a quick cool cycle at the end of the roast. Behmor says you can roast indoors with little to no smoke, thanks to smoke-removal and air-filtration systems that it’s in the process of patenting.

Many of the physical buttons found on Behmor’s non-connected roaster have been ported over to the mobile app in this new version. In their place on the physical unit is a start/stop button for one-touch operation. There are just two other buttons, one for cooling and another to turn on the interior light.

Using the same Dado IoT platform, Behmor’s brewer gives users finer-grain control over the brewing process, too. Basic controls like configuring brew start time and desired number of cups can be set with the mobile app, but so can functions like pre-soak time and the all-important brewing temperature. The app will even take your geographical location into consideration when determining the best brewing temperature for your elevation—that’s cool.

Why this matters: Casual coffee drinkers who are happy with their $15 pot probably need not apply, but if you’re more of a coffee enthusiast, Behmor could be your ticket to a better cup of mud. There’s the convenience factor of roasting and brewing from your smartphone so that you’re not bound to the kitchen, and also precision controls and preconfigured profiles to ensure that once you’ve found the perfect combination, you can enjoy the same cup of coffee over and over again.

Naturally this comes at a cost. The Brazen Connected Brew System will sell for $350, and the 1600 Connected Drum Coffee Roaster for $599. Pick up both and your wallet be $949 lighter.

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