This self-heating coffee mug operates wirelessly

Nano wireless mug

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By its very definition, heat is a transitory thing, constantly flowing from a high-temperature object to one that’s cooler. That’s the second law of thermodynamics by the way, and the reason why a cup of hot coffee or tea devolves into undrinkable filth while you tend to other pressing matters. Although we do have self-heating mugs to keep hot beverages warm, they have their own limitations. Or let’s just say they are not the Nano heating mug.

It is named thus because of its use of NanoHeat, a patented heating technology that’s supposedly superior to conventional induction heating. Developed by Design HMI and Green Lama, the Nano is a USB-charged wireless mug that can keep 16 oz. of coffee or tea at the “perfect drinkable temperature (155-160 Fahrenheit)” for as long as 45 minutes. More impressive still is its support for a minimum of seven refills on a single charge.

And if charging using a USB cable is not your thing, the company is also offering an optional wireless charging plate. Furthermore, the Nano heating mug will be available in a handle-less, car-friendly form factor as well.

The Nano mug is ready for production, which should begin once its creators have the $120,000 that they are currently trying to raise on Kickstarter. They have until May 2, 2015 to get enough backers to warm up to their product.

As of press time, the minimum pledge necessary to secure one Nano unit is $30, which is a discount of 25 percent on the suggested retail price.

Why this matters: So that there is no confusion, let us make it clear that the Nano is not the first rechargeable wireless mug that we have seen. But it is definitely a much more evolved form of the concept. And, at least on paper, there appears to be nothing approaching its level of sophistication on the market right now.

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