Comcast's TV Everywhere streaming lineup doubles as cord-cutting options skyrocket

comcast xfinity offerings

Just in case you’re thinking of ditching cable TV for streaming video, Comcast would like to remind you that its own streaming catalog is quickly growing.

In a press release, the cable giant says it has doubled its number of live, streaming channels to more than 70 in just over a year, including recent additions like AMC, BBC America, and Showtime. That’s in addition to more than 21,000 on-demand videos for mobile devices and 466,000 videos through the browser.

Comcast’s offerings are part of an industry-wide initiative called TV Everywhere, which allows pay TV subscribers to watch video remotely on phones, tablets, computers and set-top boxes. Many channels offer standalone apps that work with a TV Everywhere login (such as WatchESPN and HBO Go), while cable providers offer their own apps with access to live channels.

Comcast says 30 percent of its subscribers are taking advantage of the streaming video options—a 20 percent gain year-over-year. That’s “tremendous growth” according to Comcast, though it shows there’s a long way to go before most cable subscribers get on board.

The story behind the story: Comcast’s boasts come amid a proliferation of streaming options for non-cable subscribers, from the new Sling TV to upcoming standalone services from HBO and Showtime. While big cable bundles are going to be much more expensive, Comcast and its ilk are at least making sure that streaming access isn’t a sticking point.

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