CES 2015: A sneak peek at the glitz, gadgets, and madness

PCWorld walks the CES 2015 show floor before the show opens for business, giving you a sneak peek of what everyone else will see.

CES 2015

Welcome to CES 2015

By noon Monday, CES 2015 in Las Vegas will be a madhouse. Dozens of video screens will compete for the attention of buyers, enthusiasts, and journalists, with speakers blaring ads for the latest technologies.

So we went early.

What you’ll see in the next few pages are what major manufacturers including LG, Sony, Panasonic, Canon and others are showing off at their booths. Don’t worry if you’re not at the show—here’s a guided tour before the show even kicks off.

CES 2015 LG


We started off with LG, which has really banked on its OLED TV technology to differentiate itself from the competition. 

CES 2015 LG 3D display

LG's immersive 3D

A promo for a 3D display outside of LG's booth.

LG CES 2015

DirectTV 4K

LG, like other manufacturers, was busy showing advanced technologies at its booth. It looks like DirectTV plans to hop on the 4K wave.

LG CES 2015 vacuum

LG's robo-vacuum

It's the LG Roomba! Or something close to it.

CES 2015 Dish


No guys in bunny suits hopping around this year, unfortunately. (It's a "Hoppa" joke.)

CES 2015 cars

Driving into the future

As automotive tech takes the spotlight, many booths have cars in them.

CES 2015 Hisense

Hisense car simulator

HiSense has what looks to be a sweet car simulator ready for attendees to try out.

CES 2015 Cobra

Cobra Ferrari

I believe that's a Ferrari at Cobra's booth.

CES 2015 Haier

Haier's Roku TV

Haier was one of a number of companies who look to be banking on content companies like Roku.

CES 2015 Panasonic

Panasonic's water display

We're not sure what Panasonic is going for here, but this could be the basis for a really cool koi pool.

CES 2015 Panasonic

Panasonic's booth: 4K and more

It looks like 4K displays will be the focus for Panasonic.

CES 2015 Panasonic microwave

Panasonic's next-gen microwave

Microwave technology is a bit beyond us. Is a cyclonic inverter the thing that sits next to the warp drive?

CES 2015 Panasonic

Panasonic's giant headphones


CES 2015 Panasonic

Panasonic men's grooming

Because men need to groom.

CES 2015 TCL

More Roku TVs, this time from TCL

TCL also appears to have hopped on the Roku TV software bandwagon.

ces 2015 toshiba glass

Toshiba Glass

Remember the Google Glass quasi-knockoff that Toshiba launched a few months ago? Here it is, behind, er, glass.

wp 20150106 08 32 11 pro

Pregame rituals

In a number of booths, executives rallied their troops before the show floor doors opened.

CES 2015 Casio

Casio: It's all about the watches

I have no idea what a GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid Watch is, but I have to have one.

wp 20150106 08 34 59 pro

Canon's CES booth

Canon’s booth focuses on imaging—such as printing and photography. (What did you expect?)

CES 2015 Samsung

Samsung at CES

Samsung security guards wouldn't let us in early (boo!) but we were able to take some shots from the outside of the big wall 'o TVs.

CES 2015 Paolaroid

CES 2015: Polaroid's booth

Still an imaging focus, although Polaroid’s star has dimmed in recent years.

wp 20150106 08 36 25 pro

Sony's classy booth

Sony’s booth was tucked in the back of the Central Hall. It’s always been one of our favorite places to visit at CES.

wp 20150106 08 37 17 pro

Sony betting big on Android TV

Hold it, what's this? A Google-powered Sony TV?! Sony's relying on Android TV to power all its new 4k smart TVs.

wp 20150106 08 39 44 pro

Sony's high dynamic range (HDR) demo

HDR isn’t just a technology for cameras any more. Sony is pushing it inside of its TVs, and Netflix is too with its recommended TVs. 

wp 20150106 08 40 10 pro

Sony and YouTube

You get the feeling that Sony and Google have struck a partnership.

CES 2015 PCWorld

Sony PlayStation Vita

We hope you’ve enjoyed our preview of some of the booths at CES. If we have time we’ll add more, but with a meeting backlog that’s longer than the cab lines, we’re not holding our breath. Be sure to keep checking out PCWorld for more of our ongoing CES coverage!

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