This Instagram Camera Must Become A Reality

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[Credit: ADR Studio]
Love it or hate it, Instagram is a pretty ubiquitous. Instagram photos are all over the place on social networks, and Facebook just laid down $1 billion on the app. The folks at Facebook aren't the only company to see the photography app's worth, either, judging by this surprisingly cool Instagram camera concept.

The Socialmatic Camera is a concept by ADR Studio, and it turns Instagram into a camera that all hipsters would love to own. Naturally, the conceptualized camera resembles the little square icon of the app, and it also features two different lenses, an LED flash, a touchscreen, and optical zoom.

Now for the awesome part: the Socialmatic as designed would also have 16GB of memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and its own printer on board. It would also be capable of pairing with the current iPhone and Android apps, and run "InstaOS 1.0", which would intergrate Facebook with the camera for easy sharing.

So, you would take your photo, apply filters until your heart's content, then either print it out on Polaroid-style paper straight from the camera or share your photo of Facebook--all the while adding your new photographic collection to Instagram as usual.

But don't get to excited--this is just a concept right now. However, ADR Studio is looking for funding to make the dream into a reality. The team needs around $50,000 to make partnerships and create the product, and the hope is Socialmatic will cost you less than $350 to buy (but if you donate you automatically get a discount).

While a touch far-fetched right now, this would be an extremely cool camera to own (provided you can afford it), and certainly add more benefit to the original Instagram app. Check out the video below to see more of the concept piece:

Would you buy an Instagram camera? Be sure to tell us in the comments!

[ADR Studio via High Snobiety]

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