Photo Contest: Hot Pics for March

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these award-winning shots.

3/5 Hot Pic: "Peace" by Melissa Carrington, Parma, Ohio

Melissa says that she took this photo on the North Shore of Oahu with her iPhone 4.

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3/12 Hot Pic: "Signal Mountain Milky Way" by Mike Keller, Towson, Maryland

Mike says: "I shot this in the Grand Teton National Park around 10 p.m. in pitch black. ... Not only was it so cold that I had to wear gloves when I wasn't adjusting the camera, but I had to work under a dark blanket in the middle of the night.... I shot the picture with a Canon EOS D50 with a 30 sec exposure at f/4 and ISO 2500. I made a few minor adjustments with Photoshop CS4"

3/19 Hot Pic: "X-Ray" by Philip Gentili, Overland Park, Kansas

Philip says: "I wanted a picture that exhibited the starkness of winter. To add visual interest without impacting the starkness, I copied the top portion of the tree, inverted it, and placed it beneath the tree to simulate the root system."

He shot this image with a Canon T2I and edited it in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

3/26 Hot Pic: "Ground Zero" by Harvey Whitmire, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Harvey says: "I took this photo on a trip to the World Trade Center in 2008. I used a Panasonic DMC-FZ8 and shot from the 50th floor of WTC7. At that time there were no offices or walls on the floor so it provided a 360-degree view around New York. However, it also meant shooting through structural reflective glass, which presented some problems, even when using a polarizing filter."

3/5 runner-up: "Busy Bee" by Ryan Murtagh, Hobart, Australia

Ryan writes: "I took this photo with my Nikon Coolpix S8000 in my backyard. I used Macro mode at a distance of roughly 1cm from the bee. I added a little sharpening to add some definition to the bee's hairs."

3/12 runner-up: "Tower Theater" by Chris Opfell, Calabasas, California

Ryan writes: "I took this photo of the marquee of the shuttered Tower Theater in downtown Los Angeles. I used a Canon S90."

3/19 runner-up: "Edinburgh" by Paul Bild, Vancouver, British Columbia

Paul says he captured this photo with his Canon PowerShot G12, converted it from RAW, and then turned it into a black-and-white image using Topaz Software Detail 2.

3/26 runner-up: "Boom" by Michael Maluk, Daytona Beach, Florida

Michael says: "I was bored one night and decided to go for a night-time hike and take some pictures. I set up by the side of a road where the lights from traffic gave the scene some life. I used a Kodak Z981 in manual mode, with a 15-second shutter speed and an ISO of 64."

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