Photo Contest: Hot Pics for February

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these award-winning shots.

2/6 Hot Pic: "Alien Beeing" by Brian Sierfeld, Wayne, New Jersey

Brian says: "I enjoy shooting close-ups of insects. Recently, I noticed that the flowers that line my driveway host a large number of bees. I shot this with a Cannon T3 with the ISO cranked up to 1600 to freeze the action with a shutter speed of 1/2000 second."

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2/13 Hot Pic: "The Roadrunner is Watching You" by Rob O’Donnell, Mesa, Arizona

Rob says: "It seems like there always something new to see at the zoo. Taking a break from sprinting around, this roadrunner stopped to look for dinner. I took this shot with a Sony Alpha a77."

2/20 Hot Pic: "Hood at Night" by Edmund Devereaux, Portland, Oregon

Edmund says: "I took this photo of Mount Hood before the start of ski season, when the only lights were the ski lodge at the bottom of the image. I used my trusty tripod and my Canon EOS 50D with the mirror locked. I used the self-timer to trigger a 30 second exposure."

2/27 Hot Pic: "Eager Eyes" by Miriam Sanz, Sydney, Australia

Miriam says that she took this picture at the Sydney Wildlife Park with a Nikon D5000.

2/6 runner-up: "Nesting" by Jayashree Balasubramanian, Horicon, Wisconsin

Jayashree shot this photo with a Canon 50D.

2/13 runner-up: "Summer Flowers" by Matt Wallace, Elkhorn City, Kentucky

Matt writes: "I took this photo with my Canon 5D. I didn't use a flash; just ambient evening light. I also added some extra vibrance in a photo editor, and applied a touch of a vignette to draw in the eye of the viewer."

2/20 runner-up: "Sunset at the Dock" by Eric Hoar, Springvale, Maine

Eric took this photo with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS5 at the end of a work day at Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine. "The light from the nearing sunset was very strong and was striking the lobster boats full on from the sides," he says. "I underexposed by 2/3 stop and then adjusted the overall light level, brightness and contrast, and saturation on the PC."

2/27 This week's runner-up: "Leaf in a Sand Forest" by Bill Moore, Kittery, Main

Bill took this photo with a Canon 50D and a 300mm lens at Fort Foster in Kittery Point, Maine. The etchings in the scene, he says, are lines in the sand caused by the retreating tide. Using Photoshop Elements, he emphasized the blue in the scene and increased the saturation.

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