Streaming music pioneer Rhapsody finally hits 2 million subscriptions

It took Rhapsody—the RealNetworks’ spinoff that pioneered the flat-fee online music subscription business—10 years to hit the million subscriber mark in December 2011. It only took from then to today for Rhapsody to achieve 2 million subs. That’s progress!

Of course, Rhapsody remains dwarfed by Spotify’s 10 million paying subscribers. But the Little Streaming Company That Started It All has definitely upped its game as of late, due to a recent deal with T-Mobile. Under the deal, T-Mobile subscribers get Rhapsody unRadio’s ad-free, no-skip-limit, user-selectable music service anywhere from a dollar off Rhapsody’s $5/month rate, to entirely free, depending on which T-Mobile plan they have.

Rhapsody is poised to launch a French version of unRadio (branded under Rhapsody’s Napster brand) with SFR, the second-largest mobile carrier in France. It will be marketed as Napster Découverte (Napster Discovery) and cost 3.95 euros per month.

The moral to this tale: Persistence pays off even on the ethereal Web, as the 13-year saga of Rhapsody proves!

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