AT&T Wireless Receiver Frees Your TV: Roam, Big Screen, Roam

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AT&T has announced a new wireless receiver for its U-verse subscribers that makes it easier to use a television in rooms that lack a TV outlet, such as a bedroom, kitchen, or even on a patio.

The AT&T U-verse TV Wireless Receiver takes the video-streaming concept popularized by Roku and Apple TV devices and applies it to the venerable (well, infamous) cable box.

Even with TV Wireless Receiver, the basic U-Verse setup is unchanged. AT&T's residential gateway plugs into a phone outlet, and its wireless access point connects to the gateway. The gateway and access point each connect to a power outlet.

Here's where it gets innovative: The TV and wireless receiver reside together in another room. The solution isn't entirely wireless, however, as the TV connects to the receiver via HDMI, and both devices plug into a power outlet. Video is streamed over your Wi-Fi home network.

The wireless box is a fully functional U-verse receiver, capable of showing both standard and high definition TV. It has DVR capabilities, and can access interactive TV apps and the U-verse movies library. It also includes a wireless signal indicator to help you find the best location for the receiver.

AT&T's promo clip below shows how the average sport-loving dude might put the U-verse TV Wireless Receiver to good use.

In addition to making life easier for subscribers, the TV Wireless Receiver will simplify installation for U-verse technicians--which in turn will save AT&T money.

Which brings us to cost: AT&T is charging a one-time fee of $49 for the receiver, plus a $7 monthly rental fee. That comes out to $133 for the first year of untethered TV viewing.

Well, maybe I don't need TV in the laundry room after all. The U-verse TV Wireless Receiver is available for order on October. 31.

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