Smartphone Vs. Digicam

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Spiderowych asked the Digital Cameras & Camcorders forum a simple question: Will the mobile phone ever replace the digital camera?

For most people, I think they will...if they haven't done so already. But for professional photographers or serious hobbyists, I don't see it happening in the foreseeable future.

I'm neither a professional photographer nor a hobbyist, and I take far more photos with my phone than I do with my camera. They offer the same 8-megapixel resolution. The phone uses GPS to record the camera's location as part of the picture's data, and knows the date without my setting it. I can email a picture or post it on Facebook immediately.

More importantly, I always carry my phone, and take my camera only when I think of it. Taking the camera, after all, means carrying yet another electronic device. I have limited pocket space.

Of course there are trade-offs, especially for serious photographers. Lenses don't follow Moore's Law, and you simply can't fit a really good lens into a pocket-sized phone. Phone lenses are no match for the lens built into a typical point-and-shoot camera, which is no match for the lenses you can mount onto a digital SLR.

The obvious lens problem is the lack of an optical zoom, but it's not the only one. My point-and-shoot camera can focus better under low-light conditions or when shooting an extreme close-up--signs of a superior lens.

Dedicated cameras also prove superior when the opportunity for a great photo arises and won't last long. As Bobwill described in the original forum discussion, "With my Sony [point-and-shoot camera], I take it out of its pouch, slide the lens cover, and it's ready for a picture." But with his iPhone, he must "take it out, hit the home button, slide my finger across the screen, enter my unlock code, locate the camera app, and then wait 3-5 seconds while the app launches."

Nevertheless, I didn't even bother to pack my camera for a brief mini-vacation at a favorite location that always inspires the shutterbug in me,. And I got some great photos using my Droid X, like this sunset:

In addition to Bobwill, I'd like to thank LiveBrianD and Crazy4laptops for their contributions to the original forum discussion.

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