Image Stabilization For Airborne Drones Comes to Home Video

[Photo vReveal]
Taking video with a DSLR in hand without a tripod or a monopod can be tricky business. Even if a camera has image stabilization, it can only do so much for moving pictures and hands that move just by blood pressure alone. This is where vReveal comes into fix your shaky home video woes with military-grade image stabilization.

vReveal developer MotionDSP used the image-stabilization technology, called Ikena ISR, that they developed for military use. MotionDSP’s image stabilization tech is normally used to turn a Predator UAV’s video feed into something usable after cleaning up all the rattling from air currents.

The home version vReveal auto-corrects just about anything that can go wrong with digital images and video including contrast, white balance, color-correction, lighting issues, and of course image stabilization. The program can also import to a variety of file formats and upload directly to YouTube.

The program is free to download and use as shareware with vReveal logo watermarked on any corrected video. If you go for the $50 Premium version: videos are clean, create panoramic images from panning video, and save to the high-definition H.264 format.

[vReveal via nVidia and Gizmodo]

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