Photo Contest: Hot Pics for May

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these shots

5/2 Hot Pic: "Small Balsam" by Phil Wright, Queensland, Australia

Phil writes: "I shot this after a flood in Queensland, using a Canon S95. I later tweaked it using Photoshop. The plants are always the first to recover and look better for it after a flood."

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5/9 Hot Pic: "Sunset Behind the Barn" by Laura Casey, Rose Hill, Kansas

Laura writes: "I was driving home, watching the progression of the setting sun. I saw this old barn and stopped the car. I took this picture just as the clouds started changing color."

Laura used a Panasonic DMC-FZ8 to take this photo.

5/16 Hot Pic: "Still Life with Ginger Ale and Lemon" by Eric Hoar, Springvale, Maryland

Eric writes: "I took this picture of my beverage with an incandescent table lamp behind it. I positioned a blue LCD flashlight so it would also backlight the glass. I adjusted the brightness and contrast to bring out the colors and used Photoshop Elements to eliminate the lampshade behind the glass."

Eric shot the photo with a Panasonic Lumix DMC- ZS5.

5/23 Hot Pic: "Night Heron" by Marite B. Smith, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Marite writes: "The wind blew just in time to add some blowing snow as I snapped away with my Nikon D80 on Lake Joyce in Virginia Beach."

5/30 Hot Pic: "Full Moon," by Robert DeMott, Fort Myers, Florida

Robert writes: "On March 19, the moon was closer than it has been to Earth in many years. I got up at 1:30 AM and snapped a few pictures with my new Nikon D7000 and a 300mm telephoto lens. The night I took the picture the moon was so bright that the whole neighborhood was fully illuminated just by moonlight."

5/2 Runner Up: "Little Plane" by Rob O'Donnell, Mesa, Arizona

Rob writes: "Living near an airport, I see a lot of airliners fly over. But when I saw this moon rise in the sky, I waited until I saw this little guy flying where few are able to fly."

5/9 Runner Up: "The Graves" by Dwayne A. Taylor, Salem, Massachusetts

Dwayne writes: "I shot this outside of Boston Harbor while cod fishing. It is a little island with a lighthouse on it called 'The Graves.' It's the tallest of three lighthouses in Boston harbor and an historic landmark."

Dwayne captured this photo with an Olympus C2100UZ

5/16 Runner Up: "Flying" by Bob McMillian, San Diego, California

Bob writes: "I was on a whale watching cruise back in February. On the way out, I caught this seagull, cruising in the airflow off the starboard side of the boat. In this shot, he seemed to be looking at me with a rather quizzical, "Why are you looking at me?" expression. I shot it with my Canon 50D."

5/23 Runner Up: "Serenity for All" by Julie Flueck, Calgary, Alberta

Julie says: "I took this beautiful picture at the Calgary Zoo. There is an indoor flower garden there with hundreds of butterflies and all sorts of plant life and vegetation. I took this with my Kodak Easy Share 8-megapixel camera on the normal outdoor setting."

5/30 Runner Up: "A Florida Sunset," by Joan Feldvary, Jackson, Michigan

Joan says that she took this photo with her Pentax K7 while on vacation in Florida.