World's Biggest Image Sensor Is Much Too Big for Your Camera

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[Photo: University of Lincoln (UK)]
Ever wondered just how big the World's biggest microchip is? Well, a new standard has just been created, and although it's too big for your pocket, it's big enough to potentially save lives.

The University of Lincoln in the UK has created DyNAMITe, a slim 12.8 cm (about 5 inches) squared CMOS chip that is 200 times bigger than a laptop or PC chip (in a newer model). 12.8 cm is the biggest CMOS imaging chip that can be created on the industry's standard 20cm wafer. Created by a scientific research group headed by Professor Nigel Allinson, the huge chip will be used for medical imaging.

The size of the chip means the images it captures are much more detailed than those you'd take with your cameraphone. The chip will be used primarily to detect cancer in its earliest stages, to track how well radiotherapy is working on shrinking tumors, and for mammography. It can apparently survive years of radiotherapy too, despite being constantly exposed to radiation from the likes of X-rays.

Along with some help from The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and The Royal Marsden Hospital, DyNAMITe will now undergo a few tests in the real world to see just how well it can be implimented into medical equipment in the future.

It seems a little strange to applaud the creation of the world's biggest chip when everyone else in the tech worls is trying to make components even smaller. That said, when it can potentially help kick cancer's butt by detecting it early (as well as help improve treatment for those already tackling the disease), it's certainly worth celebrating.

[University of Lincoln]

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