Paper Record Player Makes for the Coolest Wedding Invitation Ever

Artist and designer Kelli Anderson was asked to design a wedding card for her friends Karen and Mike. As it turns out, Karen happens to be a lawyer who DJs at night, and Mike is a Grammy-nominated sound engineer. So what happens when you combine those three elements? A super awesome paper record player.

The retro-style invitation was inspired by the old 50s TV show Mr. Wizard, according to Anderson. Opening up the card reveals a really neatly designed booklet that truly gives off that retro vibe. Opening up the booklet takes you to a page where you find a flexidisc record and a piece of paper with a needle sticking out that tells you to fold it. On the disc itself, you’ll find a nice story that talks about the couple’s future together.

Anderson designed the card such that when you fold the page correctly, it acts as a kind of tonearm that lands directly on top on the record. Manually spinning the record around at roughly 45 RPM will produce music from it--which happens to be an original song written by the soon-to-be married couple, Kelly and Mike.

Not invited to the wedding? See the card in action here: