The Geek of Gaga: How Lady Gaga is Transforming Modern Tech

The preeminent self promoter Lady Gaga has been dipping her hand into tech over the past couple years. Here is a snapshot of what she's been up to.

Lady Gaga Lets Her Geek Flag Fly

Lady Gaga isn't just a pop icon; she's a techno tidal wave that has made a profound impact on gadgetry, social media and fashion (delicious vegan dress, anyone?).

Using sophisticated apparatuses during her performances--and soon bringing neat gadgets to consumers through her creative director position at Polaroid--Lady Gaga has broken digital music sales records, become the first artist to reach 1 billion YouTube hits (only recently displaced by some little girl named Justin Bieber), and was one of the most Google searched names in 2010.

This week, Lady Gaga gave fans a glimpse into her life as a pop star in an exclusive live interview from the Google campus in California done through Google Moderator. In response to questions from the Internet, she said that her staff plays practical jokes on her with food, that kids who bullied her in the past now contact her for tickets, and that all her tattoos are on the left side of her body. (Google Moderator is a tool that anyone can use to create a meaningful conversation from many different people's questions, ideas, and suggestions.)

Here's a glimpse at just a few of the spacecraft landings Lady Gaga has made on the world of technology.

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Gaga at Google

The songstress recently visited Google for an interview with Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of consumer products. The session was fueled by questions submitted to Lady Gaga's almost 9-million-followers-strong Twitter feed and YouTube, which received 54,000 videos and 220,000 votes. Before leaving Google's offices, Lady Gaga posted a Twitpic photo of CEO Larry Page, who is now famous by association: the picture has been viewed almost 120,000 times.

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Gaga Born this Way Video Screenshot

Sidestepping the traditional channels of promotion--as is her M.O.--Lady Gaga debuted her latest single, "Born this Way," on Vevo, Vevo Mobile (apps for Android and iOS devices), and Vevo's YouTube extension. To hell with MTV! Gaga used a Facebook Event as a launchpad to hype the single's online debut.

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Gaga on Telephone

Facebook isn't the only social network Gaga has taken by storm--she's transformed her official Web site into a hub for group video chatting using Tinychat's technology. There's no better way to command an army of Monsters then using the next generation of ma-ma-ma telephone.

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Gaga and Fashism

Speaking of mobile apps, Gaga has used the smartphone fashion app Fashism to crowdsource snapshots from her Monsters (that's "fans and followers" to non-Gaga speakers). A recent contest had concert tickets as the giveaway to a lucky fashionista.

Gaga and Apple; Gaga at MIT

Google isn't the only geek haven Gaga has hit up in recent past. The songstress made a surprise appearance at Apple's headquarters to play with the new iPads and also stopped by MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts to flaunt her photogenic Polaroid prototypes.

Gaga at CES 2010

In January 2010, Polaroid made a slick PR move and gave Lady Gaga a creative director title. A year later at CES, Gaga herself unveiled the Grey Label brand, which thus far includes a printer, a camera, and camera-equipped sunglasses.

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GL10 Printer

Polaroid's GL10 Instant Mobile Printer incorporates an embedded dye-crystal ZINK Zero Ink Technology (that means no ribbons, toner or inkjet cartridges) from ZINK Imaging. The ZINK Paper has cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals embedded inside. Gaga's purse-sized printer hit stores in May for $149.99.

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GL30 Instant Camera

Designed with Polaroid's aesthetic past in mind, the GL30 Instant Camera is a digital camera, instant photo printer and--not new but new for Polaroid--a digital display. The expected street date is holiday season 2011.

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GL20 Camera Glasses

The GL20 Camera Glasses were inspired by a pair of specs Lady Gaga made from iPod screens for a concert. The two 1.7-inch OLED screens in the glasses sit below a user's eyes and face outward so the image can be seen through the glasses but not by the wearer. It's a bizarre futuristic concept that brings a whole new meaning to social photo-sharing.

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Gaga with Headphones

Lady Gaga is a transformative performance artist, a mash-up of Madonna and Marilyn Manson, and she's taken modern tech and social networking seriously. In her interview with Google, she spoke of the company and her childhood friends' aspirations to get involved in the social Web. She said:

"When I was in high school all my girlfriends wanted to get jobs here, and I wanted to be what they were searching for."

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