Capturing the Action: 15 Cameras and Accessories for Extreme Activities

Whether you want to capture footage of the perfect wave or the perfect shot, we have a camera or an accessory that can make it happen.

Capture Every Moment

Maybe you're looking to take footage of your dive to the ocean floor. Perhaps you want to record a point-of-view video of a steep snowboard run. Or maybe you just want a pocket camcorder that can withstand some dust and water. No matter how extreme your activities, we have the gear you need to capture the experience on video.

Sealife DC1200 Maxx

Deep-sea divers, rejoice: You don't have to leave your high-quality camera equipment back on dry land. The SeaLife DC1200 Maxx digital camera system packs in everything you need for taking sharp snapshots and crisp videos, even in the deepest water. The system includes the 12-megapixel DC1200 camera, a wide-angle lens, a 2GB memory card, and two Digital Pro Flashes designed to eliminate shadows. Prepare to pay up, though--the DC1200 system runs about $1400.

Liquid Image Scuba Series HD Wide Angle

Prefer to keep your hands free while roaming the depths of the ocean? Liquid Image's $350 Scuba Series HD 720p Wide Angle mask will lighten your load. This dive mask features an integrated camera capable of recording 720p HD video at 30 frames per second and 5-megapixel still photos. You can control it by way of lever-style buttons, which are supposed to be easy to use even when you have dive gloves on.

Hoyt Helmet Action Cam

Looking for a helmet cam that will capture point-of-view video in full HD? Hoyt's HCX-HD1 1080p Helmet Camera has you covered. The $280 Helmet Camera features a 1.5-inch LCD, the ability to record 1080p H.264 HD video, and a one-touch record button for easy operation. It also has a rugged, weatherproof casing for use in all environments. Check out the Hoyt HCX-HD1 in action.

GoPro HD Hero 960

Not sure you want a camera that attaches only to a helmet? The GoPro HD Hero 960 comes with adhesive mounts for sticking it onto both flat and curved surfaces, and it can help you record all of the action in HD--without breaking the bank. At $180, the HD Hero 960 is a more affordable version of GoPro's wearable camcorders. Like its more expensive siblings, the HD Hero 960 offers professional-grade HD video recording and the ability to capture still photos with a time-lapse photo mode.

Impact Series HD 1080p

If your vehicle of choice travels off road, Liquid Image's upcoming Impact Series HD 1080p goggles may prove a must-have accessory. Coming this fall, these goggles are designed to capture "line of sight" video while you're riding motocross, using an ATV, or downhill biking. They provide a 136-degree wide-angle lens, a 12-megapixel camera, and a video camera that captures 1080p HD video.

Summit Series HD 1080p

Also coming this fall from Liquid Image is a new line of snowboarding goggles with a built-in camera. The upcoming Summit Series HD 1080p goggles look a whole lot like their off-roading counterparts but are designed for use on the slopes, whether you're skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling. Like the Impact Series goggles, the Summit Series version has the same 136-degree wide-angle lens for capturing line-of-sight video in full 1080p.

Opteka X-Grip

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then when it comes to skateboarding, a video must be worth about a million words--especially if you're trying to explain exactly what it's like to cruise around on your board. Give up the talking and turn to video with the Opteka X-Grip. This $35 stabilizer lets you securely carry your camera as you travel on a skateboard; hand it to a friend who can travel along next to you and capture your moves on video, right from your level.

Kodak PlaySport

Looking for an inexpensive yet rugged pocket camcorder? Kodak plans to release an update to its PlaySport model this spring. Like earlier models, the new PlaySport is waterproof to 10 feet. What's new is that it's also shockproof and dustproof, allowing you to take advantage of even more outdoor activities. The PlaySport will be available for $180.

uCorder Wearable Pocket Camcorder

The uCorder Wearable Pocket Camcorder bridges the gap between handheld miniature camcorders and wearable, action-friendly devices. At 2.5 inches tall, the $100 IRDC260 uCorder Pockito will easily slip into a pocket. But you can also clip it to a cuff, wear it around your neck using the included lanyard, or attach it to a bike helmet with its included sports-accessory kit.

i-Kam Xtreme Video Eyewear

Even if your outdoor activities aren't so active as to require goggles, you can still record point-of-view videos of your adventures. The $135 i-Kam Xtreme Video Eyewear lets you just do that--and helps you look good while doing it. This pair of lightweight sunglasses has a digital camera built in to the frame. It also features 4GB of memory for up to 3 hours of video recording, and you can add a MicroSD card to capture even more footage of your latest hunting excursion or fishing trip.

Drift HD170 Action Camera

If you're into more extreme outdoor activities, the Drift Innovations HD170 Action Camera will keep you covered. This HD video camera can mount on the side of your goggles, helmet, or handlebars, and it comes with a remote control. It uses a 170-degree lens to produce a slight fish-eye effect, once a hallmark of helmet cameras. The $330 camera is dustproof, splashproof, dunkproof, and weatherproof.


Don't just capture your outdoor exploits on video--track them, too, with the ContourGPS. This helmet camera's built-in GPS receiver allows you to track your location, speed, and altitude while you're recording HD video. The camera works in conjunction with Contour's Storyteller app, which lets you upload content to, where you can watch it on an interactive map and video player.

2011 Tachyon XC HD 3D Video System

If you think Tachyon's helmet cam is, well, just another helmet cam, think again. The 2011 Tachyon XC HD 3D Video System is a dual-camera setup capable of recording your point-of-view video in 3D. The system includes two of Tachyon's XC HD helmet cams, for capturing left- and right-side videos that you can combine into 3D footage, using the included 3D Movie MaKer Software. The $390 package also bundles a 3D mount for securing the cameras, plus three pairs of 3D glasses.

GoPro HD Surf Hero

No need to choose between riding waves and capturing the thrills on video. With the GoPro HD Surf Hero, you can do both. This $270 waterproof camera comes with a secure surfboard mount, and is designed to be light and unobtrusive while you're hanging ten. The HD Surf Hero captures HD video at resolutions up to 1080p, and it also can shoot 5-megapixel still photos every 2 seconds automatically.

Tachyon XC GunCam

Hunters may appreciate the design of this Tachyon camera mount. Tachyon is offering the $28 Picatinny GunCam Mount for its XC Micro helmet cam, which allows the camera to mount securely to your gun's Picatinny rail. The camera can mount at the 3:00 or 9:00 position, allowing it to stay out of your line of sight.

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