Photo Contest: Hot Pics for January

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these shots.

1/3 Hot Pic: "Minnesota Glow" by Adam Kiesling, Cokato, Minnesota

Adam says that he took this photo with a Canon EOS Rebel T2i at ISO 400, using a 30-second exposure.

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1/10 Hot Pic: "Double Pinks" by Barbara Hunley, Austin, Texas

Barbara writes: "The hibiscus plant in my back yard bloomed recently and produced two beautiful double-pink blooms that I took this at mid-morning. I used a Nikon D300 with a 90mm macro lens, and I used a gold reflector to enhance the colors."

1/17 Hot Pic: "Music Train" by Carys Goodwin, Auckland, New Zealand

Carys writes: "I thought the two staves look like train tracks. My concept behind this photo is that music takes the listener on an endless journey." The photo was taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS.

1/24 Hot Pic: "Wild Monarch," by Dwayne Taylor, Salem, Massachusetts

Dwayne writes: "We have a butterfly garden that attracts many butterflies. In addition, we raise Monarch Butterflies and tag and release hundreds for the great migration to their overwintering sites in Mexico. Our 2010 season ended with us having reared, from eggs, almost 900 from June through September. This particular Monarch was a wild one visiting the garden for some nectar."

1/3 Runner Up: "Meatball" by Olga Fedulova, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Olga captured her dog Meatball in his natural state with a Nikon D70.

1/10 Runner Up: "Fiery Sunrise" by Laura Casey, Rose Hill, Kansas

Laura took this photo with her Panasonic DMC-FZ8.

1/17 Runner Up: "Sunrise in Bakersfield" by James Morales, Bakersfield, California

James writes: "While having breakfast, I looked out my kitchen window and saw the sunrise. I got my Olympus E-520, 14-42mm lens, and took this photo from my backyard."

1/24 Runner Up: "Little Vermillion," by Bruce Marrs, Golden Valley, Minnesota

Bruce says that he took this picture on Little Vermillion Lake in Minnesota using a Canon A80.

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