Super Bowl XLV HDTV Deals

With lots of manufacturers and retailers cutting prices, Super Bowl season is one of the best times of the year to buy a new HDTV, or your first--so check out these great deals.

Super Bowl XLV

The Super Bowl on February 6 is the biggest gridiron showdown of the year, and the perfect excuse to grab that 72-inch, 1080p flat-panel HDTV you've had your eye on. But before you run your plastic through the cash register, check out this collection of sets on sale just in time for the NFL's big game. If you're new to the world of HDTV, be sure to review PC World's HDTV Buying Guide.

Amazon: Samsung 3D-Ready 55-Inch LED HDTV for $1810

Model #: UN55C7000WFXZA

Specs: 1080p, 240Hz, backlit LCD, 1 component, 4 HDMI, 2 USB, less than an inch thick

Offer Ends: While supplies last

Thoughts: If you order this 3D-ready TV before February 5 (one day before the big game), you can get a free 3D Blu-ray player and 3D starter kit. This deal applies to a number of 1080p Samsung 3D HDTVs sold by Amazon (not third-party retailers selling through Amazon's site). So if you don't like this model, shop around for others. This set also qualifies for free shipping.

BuyDig: LG 47-Inch 120Hz LED for $1269

Model #: LG47LE5500

Specs: 1080p, 4 HDMI, 1 ethernet, 2 USB 2.0

Offer Ends: Unknown

Thoughts: You won't get 3D with this unit, but if you're looking for a solid HDTV that also delivers online content, this is the set for you. A 47-inch model from LG, it comes with Yahoo TV widgets built-in, plus NetCast, Vudu, and YouTube, and is Netflix-ready.

J&R: Samsung 55-Inch LCD for $1400

Model #: LN55C650

Specs: 1080p, 120Hz, 2 USB, 4 HDMI, ethernet,

Offer Ends: January 29

Thoughts: Another Internet-connected TV offering access to services such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Amazon Video On Demand.

TigerDirect: Samsung 50-Inch Plasma HDTV for $850

Model #: PN50C550

Specs: 1080p, 600Hz, 4 HDMI, 1 USB

Offer Ends: While supplies last

Thoughts: A great way to bring a large but cheap HDTV into your home. The downside is that you'll have to get a set-top box to take advantage of any Internet connectivity; also, the set has no 3D.

Amazon: Samsung 40-Inch LCD for $550

Model #: LN40C530

Offer Ends: While supplies last

Specs: 60Hz, 1080p, 3 HDMI, 1 USB

Thoughts: This model's lower (60Hz) refresh rate means that it will have more motion blur than a 120Hz or 240Hz HDTV, but how can you argue with the price? Another great option for the nonvideophile who is looking for a low-cost HDTV.

Amazon: Vizio 55-Inch LED for $1700

Model #: XVT553SV

Offer Ends: While supplies last

Specs: 1080p, 240Hz, Internet capable, dimming LCD, 5 HDMI, 1 component, 1 ethernet, 3 USB, Bluetooth remote with slide-out keyboard

Thoughts: Great resolution and refresh rate, more HDMI ports than you'll probably need, and Internet apps such as Amazon Video on Demand, Flickr, Netflix, Rhapsody, Twitter, Vudu, and Yahoo TV widgets. Panasonic 42-Inch 3D Plasma HDTV for $847

Model #: TC-P42GT25

Offer Ends: While supplies last

Specs: 1080p, 2 USB, 3 HDMI

Thoughts: You can save almost $700 off the list price, and this is a serious deal. Amazon had the best price on this set over the holidays at $1400, and easily beats that. It's also a 3D HDTV, but as with most 3D sets, you will have to buy your glasses separately.

Best Buy: Sharp 60-Inch LCD for $1400

Model #: LC60E78UN

Offer Ends: Unknown

Specs: 1080p, 120Hz, 4 HDMI, 2 component video, no USB

Thoughts: This set was $1500 leading up to the holidays, but it has dropped down by another $100 just in time for the Super Bowl.

Best Buy: Samsung 46-Inch LCD for $850

Model #: LN46C630K1F

Offer Ends: Unknown

Specs: 1080p, 120Hz, 2 USB, 4 HDMI, 1 PC

Thoughts: Another TV that has become cheaper since its holiday pricing. This Samsung 46-inch LCD will save you another $50 over what you would have paid over the holidays, and is $250 cheaper than the list price.

Best Buy: LG 47-Inch LED for $1000

Model #: 47LE5400

Offer Ends: January 29

Specs: 1080p, 120Hz, ethernet, 2 USB, 4 HDMI

Thoughts: This deal may be short and sweet, but you can still get it just in time for the Super Bowl. This LG HDTV's connectivity offers access to Yahoo TV widgets, Netflix, Vudu, Picasa, and YouTube.