5 HDTVs for Sports Fans

These HDTVs are great for watching sports, but don't get mad and throw something at them if your favorite team loses.

HDTVs For Sports

If you're longing for a better viewing experience while watching sports at home, these HDTVs can do the trick, delivering realistic action and vivid images.

Samsung C8000 Series

The sleek-looking, ultrathin Samsung C8000 series delivers terrific images, solid audio, great support for multimedia playback, and superb connected-TV features. The C8000 also handlesd motion exceptionally smoothly, as you'd expect from an LCD TV with a 240Hz refresh rate.

Panasonic GT25 Series

Think you're priced out of the 3D TV market? Think again. The Panasonic GT25 plasma HDTV is an inexpensive way to get into the 3D scene and is on sale these days for as little as $700 from some retailers. It’s a solid buy at that price--especially when you consider that ESPN 3D is slated to begin around-the-clock 3D sports programming on February 14 (Valentine's Day, ironically enough).

LG PK950 Series

A set from the LG PK950 series would be hard for any sports enthusiast to turn down. The combination of impressive picture quality and a reasonable price (we've seen it priced as low as $1100 for a 50-inch model) means that you'll be able to impress your buddies while saving a few bucks for snacks. Features like 20-point white balance and built-in connectivity through LG's NetCast services make it a good TV for general home-theater use, as well.

Mitsubishi 265 Series

If you're a fan of sports or action flicks, you'll want a midsize HDTV--like the Mitsubishi 265 series--that can re-create motion without adding halos of pixels around a fast-moving quarterback or causing buildings to vibrate as the camera swoops past them. The Mitsubishi 265's image quality didn't outshine that of some other manufacturers' higher-end HDTVs, but the set's sound quality was exceptional.

LG LE8500 Series

Slightly more than an inch thick, the full-array backlit LED lit LG LE8500 includes a good collection of Internet service options plus a full range of media playback tools, very good audio, and lots of accessible customization controls. And its 240Hz refresh rate makes this TV is a great choice if you like fast motion and action.

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