Panasonic Lays Out Eight New Lumix Cameras

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Lumix FH25
Panasonic celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Lumix camera line by taking the wraps off of eight new Lumix cameras targeted at a range of casual shooters at CES in Las Vegas today.

The highlights include the expansion of Panasonic's fast-focusing Sonic Speed AF feature and touchscreen operation into lower-end Lumix cams, some surprisingly well-equipped entry-level cameras, and a touchscreen camera that lets you add digital makeup to photographed faces.

No pricing or release date has been announced for any of the cameras.

Lumix FH5 and FH2: Slim Bodies, Retractable Wide-Angle Lenses

Lumix FH5
The 16-megapixel Lumix FH5 and 14-megapixel Lumix FH2 have most of the same features aside from their slightly different megapixel count. Both offer retractable 28mm wide-angle lenses with an optical zoom range of 4x (28mm to 112mm) to go along with their ultracompact frames.

The two cameras offer optical image stabilization and shoot 720p video, with in-camera features that include Intelligent Auto mode, motion-tracking autofocus, and 28 scene modes. They come in a range of colors: the FH5 in black, silver, gold, or violet, and the FH3 in black, red, blue, or pink.

Lumix FP7 and FP5: Touchscreens, Fast Autofocus, and ... Face-Editing?

Lumix FP7
The super-slim Lumix FP7 and FP5 are both touchscreen-operated cameras, but the FP7 offers a couple of interesting extra features. The FP7 boasts a 16-megapixel sensor, a larger 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen, a fancy mirrored finish, and a few touch-based image editing features that sound like a hotbed for future photo-sharing pranks.

With the FP7, you're able to retouch photographed faces by drawing with your finger on the touchscreen, and options include erasing blemishes, whitening teeth, and even applying digital makeup to a subject's eyes, lips, and cheeks. The 14-megapixel, 3-inch-touchscreen-equipped Lumix FP5 eliminates the touch-editing features, but both cameras have touch-based controls for autofocus, zoom, and shutter release.

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Other shared features include 4x optical zoom lenses with space-saving folding optics, as well as Panasonic's Sonic Speed AF autofocus system, which has been the best and fastest in the business for the past year or two. Intelligent Auto mode, 720p video recording, and optical image stabilization are also in the mix.

The Lumix FP7 will be available in black, red, or blue, while the FP5 comes in black, blue, silver, or pink.

Lumix FH27 and Lumix FH25: Fast-Focusing Pocket Megazooms

Lumix FH25
Two new 8x optical zoom (28mm to 224mm) pocket cameras will also hit stores early this year: the touchscreen-operated Lumix FH27 and the non-touchscreen Lumix FH25. Other than the touchscreen features for the FH27, which include touch autofocus, touch shutter release, and touch zoom controls, the two cameras have identical specs. Luckily, one of those specs is the Sonic Speed AF system.

Both cameras also offer 16-megapixel sensors, 720p video recording, Intelligent Auto mode, optical image stabilization, and motion-tracking autofocus.

The Lumix FH27 will come in black, silver, or red, while the FH25 will be available in black, silver, blue, red, and violet.

Lumix S3 and S1: Nice Specs for Entry-Level Cameras

Lumix S1
Panasonic launches the new entry-level Lumix S series with these two models, which offer some pretty good features for basic cameras. Namely, optical image stabilization (bargain-bin cameras normally only offer digital stabilization or none at all), 28mm wide-angle lenses with 4x optical zoom, 720p video recording, and the ability to tag photos in the camera for instant upload once the camera is connected to a computer.

The 14-megapixel Lumix S3 comes in black, blue, red, or violet, while the S1 will be available in black, silver, blue, gold, or pink.

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