Lego Pinhole Camera Comes Fully Automated

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Diagram of the automation unit. [Photo: legocamera on Google Code]
There are few DIY building materials as great as Lego. There are few DIY projects as great as pinhole cameras. So if you can manage to merge the two into one project, well, you my friend deserve an award. One industrious DIYer not only built a pinhole camera out of Lego, this person built an automated one.

Lego, DIY, and programming. The geek trifecta.

The camera body is built using what appears to be a Lego Technic set, and the automation apparatus--which controls the shutter, winds the film (yes, film), and monitors the ambient light among other tasks--uses Lego Mindstorms components.

Words don't quite do it justice. Watch the video to get the full jist:

Check out the Google Code page for this project for more information if you want to build your own (the page also includes sample photos--while it won't replace your DSLR, the photos have a cool, artisitic quality to them).

[Google Code via Engadget]

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