3D TV Going Mobile at CES 2011 Courtesy of LG

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[Photo via Akihabra News]
Viewing 3D TV while out and about is just one of the technological treats that 2011 may have in store. LG is expected to announce a new Mobile Digital TV (MDTV) at CES 2011. While that by itself isn't too impressive, the new models are expected to support 3D video playback.

An Akihibara News reportdetailed that the device will be capable of receiving and displaying a 3D TV output even while traveling at speeds of up to 125MPH--a much-needed feature for those traveling on Japan's speedy bullet trains.

The device currently has no product name, and very little is known about the future portable's capabilities.

More information about LG's upcoming products, including this mobile set, is expected at CES 2011, which kicks off in Las Vegas from January 6th. Lets just hope that the portable TV doesn't need any special glasses to enjoy its content. And look forward to PCWorld's CES coverage next week.

[via Engadget]

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