Photo Contest: Hot Pics for December

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these shots.

12/6 Hot Pic: "Colours," by Isabella Grass, Frankfurt, Germany

Isabella took.this vivid close-up with a Nikon D70.

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12/13 Hot Pic: "Safari Stripes" by Hendry Oarto, Jakarta

Hendry writes: "I took this photo using a Canon EOS 550D. It is a photo of a zebra walking towards us while we sat in our car at the Taman Safari."

12/20 Hot Pic: "Yellow Trolley" by Timothy Hacker, Sylvania, Ohio

Timothy took this photo with his Canon EOS 20D while visiting Lisbon, and then selectively removed color from the photo to generate this image.

12/27 Hot Pic: "Little Man" by Janet Garinger, Orange, California

Janet writes: "This is a photo of my great-grandson on one of our walks. I took it with my Panasonic Lumix, and then added some selective blur using the Orton Effect."

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12/6 Runner Up: "Flying Symmetry," by Bob Brennan, Portland, Oregon

Bob says that he captured this shot using a Nikon D300 at a vaudeville-style juggling show at a local Portland high school.

12/13 Runner Up: "Distant Lightning" by Bob Brennan, Portland, Oregon

Bob says: "I took this photo using a Nikon D300 at Flat Head Lake in Montana. My dog Diamond was playing in the water and a thunderstorm was on the horizon. I held down the shutter button and got lucky on this particular shot."

12/20 Runner Up: "Cheetah" by Stephen Henry Puttock, Thailand

Stephen writes: "I took this photo of Cheetah using a Fuji Finepix S100fs set to Macro mode. I think this shot stands out since he'd just opened his mouth, whilst looking at a bird that had landed nearby."

12/27 Runner Up: "Brown Eyes" by Kristin Grant, Canton, New York

Kristin says that she took this photo with a Nikon D40, and then edited it using the online photo editor Picnik.

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