10 Black Friday HDTV Deals

From a sub-$200 23-inch LCDTV, a 47-inch 3D LED TV for $1376, to a $650 LCDTV; here are 10 Black Friday deals that might be worth camping out for.

10 Black Friday HDTV Deals

UPDATE: See, 2011's Best Black Friday HDTV Deals

If you don't mind elbowing through the crowds with a hulking piece of technology in tow, Black Friday is the best time of the year to buy an HDTV. PC World has sifted through the offers - so you don't have to - and present to you some of the best Black Friday HDTV deals to be had.

Buyer beware! Before you pitch a tent in front of Best Buy Thanksgiving night, read up on our HDTV buying guide and make sure that low-priced model meets your expectations.

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Best Buy: Samsung 46-inch LED TV for $999.98, Free Blu-ray Player

Model number: UN46C6300SFXZA

Specs: 1080p, 120 Hz, 1.25 inches thick, 4 HDMI, 2 USB

Thoughts: At $1,000, the TV alone is a steal -- Best Buy currently sells it for $1,300 -- but the free Web-connected Blu-ray player with Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and CinemaNow, currently $150 at Best Buy, really puts this deal over the top. [All Best Buy deals]

Best Buy: Dynex 24-inch LED TV for $189.99

Model number: DX-24E150A11

Specs: 1080p, 60 Hz, 1.6 inches thick, 1 HDMI, 1 USB

Thoughts: Dynex might not be the most recognizable name in the world, but you can't go wrong with a 24-inch LED TV for $190, which is $90 less than the current price. Your next PC monitor, perhaps? [All Best Buy deals]

Best Buy: Panasonic 50-inch Plasma TV for $699.99 (Doorbuster)

Model number: TC-P50U2

Specs: 1080p, 600 Hz, 3 HDMI, SD card slot

Thoughts: If plasma's your thing -- gamers, I'm looking at you -- Panasonic has 50 inches of it for $700, which is $150 less than Amazon's current price (Best Buy doesn't sell this model right now). Bonus points for the Game Mode and SD image viewer. [All Best Buy deals]

Best Buy: Westinghouse 42-inch LED TV for $650

Model number: LD-4255VX

Specs: 1080p, 120 Hz, 1.75 inches thick, 2 HDMI, 1 USB

Thoughts: Maybe the lesser brand name and short supply of HDMI inputs are dealbreakers, but at $350 off the current price at Best Buy, Westinghouse's 42-inch LED TV is at least worth considering. You won't get that much LED for that price anywhere else. [All Best Buy deals]

Target: Westinghouse 40-inch LCD for $298 (Doorbuster)

Model number: VR-4085DF

Specs: 1080p, 60 Hz, 3 HDMI

Thoughts: Yep, another Westinghouse, and another crazy deal for folks who don't need a more recognizable brand. Target usually sells this 40-inch LCD for $550. You can't argue with nearly half off. [All Target deals]

Sears: Samsung 55-inch 3D LED for $2,199, Free Blu-ray and Starter Kit (Doorbuster)

Model number: UN55C7000WFXZA

Specs: 1080p, 240 Hz, 4 HDMI, 2 USB, Internet@TV

Thoughts: Just because you're willing to drop some serious coin on 3D doesn't mean you can't save money like everyone else. The TV alone usually costs $2,600 at Sears, so you're saving $400 on the set, $500 on the Starter Kit (includes two pairs of glasses and three Shrek movies) and $207 on the Blu-ray player. Plus, you can use the TV's Web apps to Tweet about it. [Full Sears Ad]

Sears: Toshiba 46-inch LCD for $650 (Doorbuster)

Model number: 46G300U

Specs: 1080p, 120 Hz, 4 HDMI, 1 USB

Thoughts: No fancy features here, just a solid 46-inch HDTV for $300 less than its current price at Sears. [Full Sears Ad]

Wal-mart: Emerson 32-inch LCD for $198 (Doorbuster)

Model number: LC320EM1

Specs: 720p, 60 Hz, 3 HDMI

Thoughts: I'm pretty disappointed with Wal-mart's Black Friday HDTV line-up this year. Not many knockout deals to be had, but $190 for a $328 LCD is nothing to complain about, provided you're okay minimal features and specs. [All Wal-mart deals]

Amazon: LG 47-inch 3D LED TV, Four Pairs of Glasses, $1,376

Model number: LG 47LX6500

Specs: 1080p, 240 Hz, 4 HDMI, 1 USB

Thoughts: LG's 47-inch 3D TV alone is reasonably priced, but what really sets this deal apart are the four free pairs of active shutter glasses, which list at $180 and currently sell for $80 on Amazon (not a bad deal in itself). To get them free, you must add the glasses to your cart and change the quantity to four before checking out. And no need to wait until Friday; you can get this deal right now. It's also available with LG's 55-inch 3D TV for $1,876.

Target Online: Vizio 26-inch LED TV, $188.10 after coupon

Model number: M260VA

Specs: 720p, 60 Hz, 2 HDMI, 1 USB

Thoughts: This little Vizio has a temporary price cut on Target's Website, bringing the total to $209.00, but shares a way to make it even cheaper: Just enter the coupon code UZXPI33P, and you'll get 10 percent off.

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