Photo Contest: Hot Pics for October

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus newsletter took these shots.

10/4/10 Hot Pic: "Drops on Bamboo" by Ed Hesse, Bellingham, Washington

Ed writes: "Here in Oregon, we get daily fog as well as a fine mist in the morning. The bamboo plant near my front porch collects millions of these tiny drops. As I had my morning coffee on the porch, I took this with my free hand using a Canon Powershot A720is."

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10/11/10 Hot Pic: "Black Spotted Butterfly" by Bill McCombs, Crescent, Pennsylvania

Bill says: "I took this at my favorite dog park outside of Pittsburgh. I used a Nikon D70 and a Sigma 80-300 lens set to macro mode."

10/18/10 Hot Pic: "Bee and Butterfly" by Bernie Gellman, Floral Park, New York

Bernie says he got this photo after "chasing butterflies around during lunch." He used a Pentax K20D and an 18-2500mm lens set to 250mm

10/25/10 Hot Pic: "Droplets," by Keith Barnett, Santee, California

Keith captured this photo with an Olympus C750UZ with a fast 1/500 second shutter speed.

10/4/10 Runner-Up: "Red Sun Over Puget Sound" by Tom Kurtz, Steilacoom, Washington

Tom writes: "The wildfires in British Columbia produced a lot of smoke that blew south over the Puget Sound and produced unusual sunsets on August 1, 2010. I took this from my house using my Nikon D5000."

10/11/10 Runner-Up: "Blossom" by Jeff Terwilliger, Waverly, New York

Jeff reports that he captured this photo using a Canon EOS 450D in his front yard.

10/18/10 Runner-Up: "On a Line" by Geoff Brown, Lynnwood, Washington

Geoff captured this photo with a Canon EOS 30D.

10/25/10 Runner-Up: "White Sands Sunset," by Jill M. Smith, Arlington, Texas

Jill writes: "On a recent trip to White Sands National Monument, I took this sunset shot with a Canon 50D. I was disappointed because there were no clouds in the sky to get some really striking sunsets, but by boosting the color temperature, I was able to get this pretty cool compromise."

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