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Greetings, citizens of the internet. Did you miss us? A while back I decided to cut broadcast TV out of my life. After all, who needs TV when you have the wondrous glory of the Internet to fulfill all your entertainment needs? Today we share with you some of our favorite videos from around the Web.

Ninja-Star Sawblade!

Do you like all those home improvement shows? Is HGTV your go-to network of choice? The Internet has some home improvement videos of its own, and trust me, they are way better than watching House Hunters for the 50 millionth time. You won’t see this on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition either (Sorry, Ty Pennington):

Sesame Street Cred

Sesame Street has been on a roll recently with its parodies. From Katy Perry to Mad Men, these puppets know how to make a great parody that’s family friendly. Their recent Old Spice Parody is probably one of our most favorite videos on the Net (for now):


Animation is abundant on the web. Good animation however, is extremely hard to find. Through my efforts of digging through endless Charlie the Unicorn spoofs and remakes I have finally found one such gem: Tarboy. I won’t say any more; just go and watch it already.

Between Two Ferns

Between Two Ferns is a show with a structure similar to that of Inside the Actors Studio. That’s where the similarities end as BTF host Zack Galafinakis tends to make his guests quite uneasy. Here is my personal favorite where he interviews Michael Cera (poor kid didn’t stand a chance).

Crazy Pizza Making

I hear some of you; you don’t have kids, you aren’t a fan of cartoons, you rent an apartment so you can’t really remodel, and you have an irrational fear of ferns. What’s that, you say? You like the Food Network? Lo and behold, the Internet has videos of people making food too--like this guy. I ask him to make me a large Meat Lovers and he goes and showboats for 20 minutes. I guess I deserve that for trying to buy a pizza at the mall.

That’s it for this week, hopefully we have show you that the internet holds more entertainment value than just lolcats and Rick Rolls. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have an interview with Steve Jobs concerning his new Macbook Air.

See you in a week!

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