Your kitchen is about to get very high-tech -- if you have the dough

Ready to Facebook from your stove? Get ready, it's coming.

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Control a kitchen from your smartphone and more

The home of the future is here—for a hefty price tag. If you’re willing to shell out a few thousand dollars for the most cutting-edge home appliances, you’ll be able to control your kitchen from your smartphone.

The world’s biggest tech companies showed off their culinary A game at the 2014 International CES: everything from smart refrigerators to cooktops you can Facebook from. This isn’t The Jetsons. This is real life.

lynx grill

Lynx Smart Grill

Grilling food is about as basic as it gets: Throw a piece of meat on the flame and watch it char. Lynx’s WiFi-enabled Smart Grill has voice recognition so you can give it verbal cooking instructions: “Grill, make me a steak.”

The Smart Grill app tells you the best technique and amount of time for grilling specific cuts of meat and then texts you when your steak is done. The Smart Grill won’t be ready for summer cookouts—expect it to hit the shelves in 2015.

lg homechat

LG HomeChat

LG partnered with popular messaging app Line to develop an app just for communicating with your smart appliances.

You can ask your refrigerator if you have any beer left or ask your washing machine how many minutes are left until your clothes are clean.

HomeChat isn’t available to download just yet—you can expect it later this year.

dacor discovery oven

Dacor Discovery IQ dual-fuel range

Dacor showed off a smart oven at the 2013 International CES, and the company returned this year with an even more intelligent appliance: the dual-fuel range oven.

The oven has a built-in Android tablet you can use to download recipes or watch cooking tutorials. The oven even texts you when your dinner is ready. It’s also $12,000.

samsung refrigerator

Samsung Chef Collection

Samsung worked with high-profile chefs to create a new line of super-fancy kitchen appliances.

First up is a refrigerator that lets you keep compartments at different temperatures: Fish at 30 degrees, less delicate foods at higher temperatures.

It’s not the highest-tech fridge in the world but, this year, Samsung focuses on function over fashion.

belkin crockpot ces

Belkin WeMo crockpot

Belkin’s first Internet-connected kitchen gadget is a smart crockpot you can control from your smartphone.

Slow cooking is the easiest way to make a home-cooked meal, but the $99 appliance makes it even easier by letting you turn the crockpot on and off, and change the temperature, straight from your phone.

More information: Belkin WeMo crockpot

samsung smart home

Samsung Smart Home app

The connected home is already here, but most of your Internet-connected appliances can only be controlled by individual apps. Samsung wants to unite your products with one remote control: The Smart Home app.

You can control your Samsung TVs, refrigerators, smartphone, and even your Galaxy Gear smartwatch from one app. Welcome to the ecosystem of Samsung.

More information: Samsung Smart Home

whirlpool cooktop

Whirlpool interactive cooktop

Whirlpool’s cutting edge touchscreen cooktop is like a giant tablet you cook on. You can view recipes, ingredients and directions on the surface as your pans are heating, which is way more useful than running to your laptop or tablet to check the instructions.

The cooktop also displays your social network updates and lets you set the mood for a dinner party with streaming music. Whirlpool’s kitchen of the future isn’t hitting the market anytime soon, but maybe our cooktops will be fully interactive in five years or so.

haier fridgenew

Haier’s Intelligent Cloud Refrigerator

If you want your refrigerator to help you make healthier choices, Haier’s new refrigerator might be your best bet.

The fridge's display (shown enlarged) can tell what items are inside and offer recipes and nutrition tips to build from. Bonus: The fridge can tell you when your milk is about to go bad.

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