Camera Hacks: A Follow Focus Rig For a Few Bucks

A follow focus is a piece of camera equipment that makes it easier for a photographer or videographer to focus the camera's lens more precisely, and to maintain a shallow depth-of-field. A quick search on eBay shows that these accessories can run for hundreds of dollars. What's a cash-strapped videographer to do?

Make one.

That's exactly what YouTube user Prippman did. Prippman broke out a cache of old K'nex toys and purchased an additional piece of equipment for $5.50, and assembled a follow focus to make a geek proud. His setup can be used in manual mode, or with the help of a K'nex motor pack. No word yet if this rig would work with a home-built SLR.

All in all, it's not too bad for something created for what amounts to pocket change! What's the cheapest hack you've ever devised? Sound off in the comments.

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