CES 2014: Follow TechHive editors' tweets from Las Vegas


TechHive editors will be generating a constant flow of tweets during their coverage of CES 2014 in Las Vegas January 7-10. By following them on Twitter, you can make them your eyes and ears at the show to find out about all the hot new products as they are announced, plus a lot more. Here are the TechHive editors who will be in Vegas, along with their coverage areas and Twitter handles. Enjoy the show. 

Amber Bouman / @dameright

Fitness tech, home automation tech

Caitlin McGarry / @caitlin_mcgarry

Social products, connected home and appliances, Internet of Things

Phil Michaels / @philipmichaels

General tech news

Susie Ochs / @sfsooz

TVs, streaming entertainment, audio gear

Jon Phillips / @jonphillipssf

Wearable tech, phones, tablets

Melissa Riofrio / @mriofriopcw

Automotive tech

Leah Yamshon / @leahyamshon

Apps, mobile accessories

TechHive / @techhive

And don't forget to follow the main @TechHive Twitter feed, on which we'll be blasting out breaking news about keynotes, press events and random stuff we overhear in the hallways and coffee lines. 

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