Logitech's Google TV Box Gets Turned on This Friday

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So the rumors were wrong and Logitech's Google TV box, the Revue, didn't launch in September. But it was close. On Friday a lot of tech blogs shared the news that they've been invited to an October 6th event to introduce Logitech's "line of products" that support Google TV. Revue seems like a pretty safe bet to be there, but what the other products are, no one seems to know. I'm still hoping we find out that the rumored $299 price point for the Revue is wrong; that's just too much.

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The following week, on October 12th, Sony is hosting its own Google TV event to show off televisions and possibly Blu-ray players with Google TV built in. I hope to see the Blu-ray players; my feeling is that a lot of people have only recently upgraded to a high def, flat-screen TV and most of us are used to TVs lasting more than a few years. The way TV tech is advancing is almost off-putting. First TV manufacturers convinced us that we needed an HD flat screen, then that we needed an HD flat screen that did 1080P, then that we needed an HD flat screen that did 1080P at 120Hz, then one that added 3D support, and now they want to sell us an HD flat screen TV that does 1080P at 240Hz, supports 3D and includes Google TV.

Suddenly buying a TV is more complicated than buying a computer, and at the same time, the TV we bought a year or two ago still works perfectly. So I'm really hoping we see Google TV in components other than the main TV, and a Blu-ray player seems like a good fit, assuming the pricing is right. If the Logitech Revue costs $299, will a Google TV enabled Blu-ray cost $399? Let's hope not.

All we have today is questions but the good news is we'll have answers soon enough. If you've been on the fence about buying a new Roku or Apple TV, your best bet is to stay on that fence for another ten days or so until we know more about the price point and feature sets of Google TV enabled products.

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