Bob Dylan’s interactive music video for Like A Rolling Stone boggles the mind

I’ve spent most of my life wading through the Internet’s trenches, so I’d like to think I’m not easily flabbergasted. And then something like this rolls along—a surreal trip through Bob Dylan’s classic “Like a Rolling Stone,” overlaid on a television set.

But there are dark magicks at work here: pay attention to the star-studded trek through the doldrums of modern television and you’ll quickly notice that everything—from the faux-tennis match to Drew Carey’s Price is Right— is completely in sync. I completely lost it once I reached Just for Kids, and watched a magical floating kitten crooning Dylan's lyrics as cheerful flowers swayed in time to the beat.

The video runs in a proprietary "TV" player that lets you flip through various channels, each one with a different take on the video. No playthrough is quite the same—trust me, I’ve been mashing that replay button incessantly over the last few minutes.

The video coincides with the release of The Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection Vol. 1, jam-packed with over 40 CDs worth of stuff. It’s also available as a harmonica-shaped USB stick, which will likely be easier to fit in my apartment.

What? You’re still here? Go, watch it right now!

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